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Zadig & Voltaire Excels at Effortless French Style

If you’ve ever admired the easy-meets-polished fashion sensibility of Parisian women, Zadig & Voltaire has likely played an integral role in the aesthetic you love. This Paris-based house has been outfitting smartly dressed women since 1997, and with its 25th anniversary on the horizon in 2022, look for Zadig & Voltaire to amplify its artful combination of iconic French style with of-the-moment trends.

Of course, there’s another reason Zadig & Voltaire seems perfectly suited to a classic French sensibility: The brand’s founder, Thierry Gillier, is a descendant of André Gillier, who co-founded the legendary brand Lacoste in 1933. Employing that level of style pedigree, Thierry Gillier has created a label that celebrates the signature ease of French fashion, even as he seeks to imbue it with modern details of street and rocker chic.

For Gillier, honoring iconic French ideas started with his brand’s name. A fan of the revolutionary spirit of François-Marie Arouet — who wrote under the name Voltaire — Gillier combined the 18th-century French philosopher and writer’s nom de plume with the first name of one of his best-known characters, from the 1747 novella The Book of Fate. With that insight at

the heart of his label, Gillier has worked with creative director Cécelia Bönström to create collections driven by those ideas, always woven through a thread of effortless style.

The latest pieces for men and women include cozy striped sweaters and luxe velvet jackets perfect for holiday parties, while the straight-leg “Dusty” jean for men and the “Remember” rhinestone dress for women are tailor-made for clubbing until the early-morning hours. No matter the occasion, Zadig & Voltaire is sure to offer pieces that not only feel ideal for the moment — they’ll also have you envisioning your own fashionable walk along the Seine in the City of Light

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