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HUGO x Mr. Bathing Ape®

In an unprecedented shake up of streetwear style, HUGO announces its latest capsule collection, a joint production with Mr. Bathing Ape®.

Established as an independent brand influenced by Berlin culture, HUGO serves up style for rule-breakers and risk-takers. It comes as no surprise, then, that a brand inspired by the nightlife, grit, and edge of this nocturnal city would team up with Mr. Bathing Ape®.

HUGO x Mr. Bathing Ape®

As the British tailoring inspired, formalwear arm of A Bathing Ape®, the iconic streetwear brand Mr. Bathing Ape® has captivated the fashion industry by spotlighting Tokyo’s one-of-a-kind fashion culture. The brand embodies HUGO’s principles of individuality and self-expression.

HUGO x Mr. Bathing Ape®

Kicking off this summer, the two distinctive style labels are uniting to cooperatively design the HUGO x Mr. Bathing Ape® capsule, a limited-edition collection of brand signatures reinterpreted with a streetwear vibe.

HUGO x Mr. Bathing Ape®

The Pre-Fall 2022 collection focuses on reimagining the classic BAPE® CAMO pattern with a signature HUGO red twist as both brands step up to become authorities of bold streetwear dressing.

Streetwear enthusiasts can delight in this wide-ranging capsule comprised of classic styles such as hoodies, sweatpants, jackets, shorts, and logo T-shirts. Original accessories including a skateboard, caps, socks and bodywear basics are also available, all stamped with signature branding.

For more information contact HUGO at Aventura Mall 305-792-5199.

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