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Coco market - Aventura Mall

On a warm summer day, nothing is more appealing than the irresistible array of cooling drinks and cravable bites found at the Aventura Farmers Market. Whether you’re longing for a refreshing acai bowl, an iced boba tea, a flavorful ceviche, just-squeezed juice, or just about anything else, you’ll discover a foodie paradise chock full of freshly-made, locally-sourced, seasonal delights.

Like the palate-pleasing temptations at Gerbaud Bakery and Juices, a family-owned business that fuses Eastern European and Caribbean flavors. Their pastries – including the mouthwatering walnut-filled Hungarian beigli – are delicious, while their fresh juices transport you to the islands, with such choices as soursop, sweetsop, passion fruit and mango.

Speaking of the islands, at Coco’s Market you can sip your refreshment straight from an umbrella-topped coconut shell. Don’t forget to take a selfie for an instagrammable pic that will have your friends wanting a sip! While at Coco’s, check out their shakes and ice cream – they are both delectable and natural.

Aventura Market

Ever tried the ceviche and guacamole at Ceviche and Guacamole House? No? Then you are in for a very special treat! The owners use only the very freshest of ingredients, making their recipes from scratch and without any preservatives. They do, however, add their signature Peruvian touch, infusing their ceviche and guac, as well as their pico de gallo, salsas and other offerings, with luscious flavors from their homeland.

Also incredibly addictive: the unforgettable traditional Venezuelan “cocada” served at El Coco Loco Frio! Simultaneously creamy and refreshing, their “cocada” is made with fresh coconut meat, condensed milk, ice, and other secret ingredients! A long-time staple at Aventura Farmers Market, the enduring popularity of El Coco Loco Frio also has much to do with their gorgeous selection of tropical and exotic fruits and can’t-miss acai bowls.

Aventura Market

Come join us this weekend, for a refreshing experience as cool (temperature-wise too – the market is indoors!) as it is unique. The Aventura Farmers Market is located on the Mall’s Lower Level and takes place every Saturday and Sunday. For more information, visit or call 305-935-1110.

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