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Add These FriendsWithYou Pieces to Your Art Basel Itinerary

Rainbow Valley

Art Basel Miami is here, and it’s no secret we’re art lovers here at Aventura Mall. With our very own namesake, world-class Arts Aventura Mall Collection – available to the public year-round – we invite guests to explore over 20 works by local and internationally renowned artists. From sculptures that double as immersive experiences to murals that tell stories, our collection welcomes South Florida residents and visitors to ponder, play and pose by thought-provoking pieces by celebrated artists, like FriendsWithYou duo Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III.

We’re no stranger to FriendsWithYou’s vibrant, feel-good and nature-inspired work. The pair’s Rainbow Valley, located on our Lower Level, is both a source of immersive entertainment and storytelling for children, as well as a joyful visual for guests of all ages.

FriendsWithYou’s Rainbow Valley, located at Aventura Mall

FriendsWithYou’s Rainbow Valley, located at Aventura Mall

And, in preparation for this year’s Art Basel, FriendsWithYou is unveiling a new, 50-foot metal sculpture called Starchild – a bright, sunkissed orange piece commissioned by the City of Miami Beach. Starchild is part of a larger body of work from the contemporary artists that means to unite the planet by renaming it “Ocean.”

While Starchild serves as the beginning of life on the planet – representing nature, light and power – FriendsWithYou’s Rainbow Valley gives wings to budding imaginations, depicting a magical dream world in which children befriend baby mountain Peekoo and go on adventures with him and his friend, Cloudy.

Friends With You

Credit: Zack Balber/Courtesy Of Friendswithyou

South Florida’s first indoor interactive playground, FriendsWithYou’s Rainbow Valley was created “to bring more joy, kindness, and love to the world” and serves as a reminder that “everything in the universe can and wants to be friends with you, an aide in the promotion of love, harmony, and peace in our lives.”

Meanwhile, FriendsWithYou has told sources that Ocean is “a collection of metaphors conjuring our combined humanity; where most belief systems highlight what’s unique to them, Ocean’s mythology aims to unearth the common myths and viewpoints that exist in everyone, deep in the human psyche, to create a mythology that everyone can not only relate to but be a part of, regardless of cultural background. The closer we get to the truth of our existence, the more we can sense the power of our nature. The unification and creation of a better society has to start with this understanding which allows us to be more compassionate to each other, as well as seeing every living thing as us.”

This new FriendsWithYou moment is a great (or, should we say, friendly) reminder to add the beloved Rainbow Valley to your Art Basel itinerary by embarking on our complimentary and self-guided Art Walk audio tour. Simply scan QR codes located by each piece throughout our shopping center to learn more about the piece itself and the artist who brought it to life.

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