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Precision & Design, In One Piece – TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph

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Rain-soaked blacktop, neon-tinged nights, and beautiful celebrities aplenty – Miami is a place that was made for speed and cinema. And as Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix approaches, TAG Heuer is adding star-power to the mix with its latest collection, Chasing Dreams, a world-first global cinematic campaign that celebrates the essence of the iconic TAG Heuer Carrera through stars chasing their dreams.

Set in Los Angeles and starring A-List talent like Ryan Gosling, Alexandra Daddario and Patrick Dempsey, the campaign is shot in the neon-glow of late-night LA, emanating noir vibes and a race-inspired aesthetic that translates naturally to the streets of South Florida, where the Miami Grand Prix kicks off May 3 through May 5.

With a nod to the brand’s deep racing roots, the campaign celebrates the essence of the iconic TAG Heuer Carrera through stars chasing their dreams in night-time Los Angeles. For TAG’s celebrity ambassadors, this is their road, their race, and their Carrera.

The Chronograph: Carrera’s Trackside Legacy of Precision

An A-List star in its own right, the TAG Heuer Chronograph is the Carrera collection’s crown jewel. With roots on that trace themselves back to the racetracks of the ‘60s, TAG Heuer has achieved iconic status over the decades thanks to their performance reputation and ability to continually iterate while staying true to its origin. A key part of that story is in the TAG Heuer Carrera collection, embodying a legacy of precision, a deep-rooted savoir-faire, and a relentless pursuit of horological perfection. And within Carrera now lies the collection’s crown jewel, the Chronograph, a triumph of form, function, design, and vision.

The Chronograph returns after a year of avid celebration and powerful reveals, peaking with the Swiss luxury watchmaker’s latest release, a tribute to a rich heritage, pushing the boundaries of iconic design with the introduction of what is the latest TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph. This exceptional timepiece blends historical reverence with cutting-edge design, propelling the renowned Carrera collection to new heights.

Tag Heuer clock

Culmination Of Six Decades

Introduced in 1963, the TAG Heuer Carrera has defined the wristwatch chronograph genre for over six decades. Celebrated in 2023 for its 60th anniversary, this timepiece became a recognized symbol of classical elegant profile, ultra-legible dial, and precision engineering that has made it a must-have accessory for racing enthusiasts and watch aficionados worldwide.

Named after the legendary Carrera Panamericana Road race, Jack Heuer gave the unique and impactful appellation to his watch collection. The Carrera swiftly commended itself to the hearts and wrists of many through its precision that consistently pushed boundaries, allowing wearers to become just one with the watch.

The watch remained a pillar in the chronograph scene and continues to captivate with the introduction of new models every year, becoming a must-have accessory for collectors, racers, and fans.

Tag Heuer clock

A Heritage That Inspires: The 7753 SN

Among Heuer’s various designs, the 7753 SN from the late 1960s was the inspiration behind this 2024 release.

The first-generation Heuer Carrera model had a hand wound Valjoux chronograph movement and either a silvered or black dial in a variety of configurations, sometimes with the addition of a scale around the dial periphery. At the end of the 1960s, a second series was added to the line-up with either a silvered dial and black subdials, or the other way around, known respectively as “panda” and “reverse panda”.

The 7753 SN had a silvered dial with black subdials – a panda – as noted in its nomenclature: ‘SN’ meant ‘silver’ and ‘noir’, or silver and black, a mix of English and French that still feels curious today. As ever, this expression of Jack’s design was driven by legibility. The vision behind the Heuer Carrera had been to create a racing instrument from which lap times could be easily recorded, with no room for distraction and absolute legibility from the high-contrast dial.

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Jack Heuer’s Vision

TAG Heuer is set to release a new take on a watch designed for legibility, a wink to the 7753 SN, the Carrera collection’s roots, and Jack Heuer’s dedication to readability. The TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph brings forth a new and modern take on the 1963 vision, breathing new refining the design, refreshing the timeless allure of the panda chronograph look in the new Glassbox construction.

This timepiece embodies the spirit of legibility within the collection. The black azuré subdials at 3 and 9 o’clock contrast with the silver sunray-brushed dial, creating the signature bi-compax panda look. The addition of captivating, red-lacquered sub-dial hands further amplifies the contrast, ensuring clarity at a glance.

In keeping with the core theme of legibility, the rhodium-plated central hand features a red-lacquered tip, catching the eye when reading the time. The seconds hand, in black, ensures a clear distinction. Notably, each 5-second interval is marked in red, enhancing visibility.

Tag Heuer clock

Movement To the Back

Turning over the TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph reveals the in-house chronograph movement Heuer 02 (Ref. TH20-00). This powerful movement features a bi-directional winding, a new shield-shaped rotor, and an impressive 80-hour power reserve. The watch comes with a 5-year extended warranty.

With this watch, TAG Heuer expands its collection, introducing a bi-compax panda look with a steel bracelet and a contrasting flange. The TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph is now also available as a connected watch face, extending the legacy of legibility onto the beloved TAG Heuer Connected one – embodying Jack Heuer’s timeless vision into the digital realm.

This timepiece not only builds upon the Carrera’s rich heritage but also embodies the innovation and avant-garde spirit for which TAG Heuer is renowned.

Tag Heuer

For more information on the Carrera Collection, call 305-682-1256 or visit TAG Heuer on the Lower Level.

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