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Gucci’s Grand Expansion at Aventura Mall

Dear Gucci fans,

It’s time to get excited because the luxury Italian fashion house has opened its noteworthy, renovated and expanded store in Aventura Mall. There are now three boutiques under the same roof.

The expansion of the boutique’s footprint includes two additional shopping areas dedicated to menswear and childrenswear, in addition to the existing women’s shop. The three boutiques together span over 6,000 square feet and showcase a wide collection of men’s ready-to-wear, men’s and women’s shoes, handbags, luggage, small leather goods, fashion and silver jewelry, watches, eyewear, childrenswear, fragrances and Gucci Décor, and so much more.

With a look that invites customers to feel welcome and relaxed, the interior design is discreet. Contemporary luxury is suggested not only by the employment of beautiful and idiosyncratic materials, but also through a determinedly spare use of space. In keeping with the elegant and contemporary eclecticism that characterizes Gucci’s collections, the store sees the combination of traditional and modern, industrial, and romantic. Contrasting merchandising elements represent different design codes, combining to create curiosity, inviting customers to feel like they are constantly discovering new aspects of the store.

The mood within the store is one of discretion, where understated drama is created by the surprising and unexpected combination of materials. Marble polychrome inlays produce decorative three-dimensional effects on the floors, while being harmoniously integrated with the herringbone wood flooring. Juxtaposition of this sort, where opposites forge a new connection, is repeated throughout: technical, mechanical display units contrast with the softness of the rich fabrics that adorn the rooms; round tables offset rectangular ones; varnished, pale pink velvet and iron wall finishes complement light gray and steel blue velvets, used for upholstery and fitting rooms. Throughout the store one finds sumptuous chairs, while vintage oriental rugs are layered over each other for a textured effect. The result is a space that entices, surprises and feels personal to Gucci.

As part of Gucci’s commitment to implement and enhance eco-friendly initiatives and energy-efficient technologies in the House’s stores worldwide, the new store is LEED-certified, and uses LED lighting.

Visit the expanded Gucci Boutique on the Lower Level near Nordstrom. For more information, contact the store at (305) 521-5050.

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