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Altuzarra x Castañer Capsule Collection


Castañer’s expertise has always captivated those who appreciate the value of unique pieces, handmade products and use of local materials of the highest quality. That is why the Spanish brand – know for turning the popular espadrille into sophisticated footwear modelled around the world – has maintained close ties with the world of luxury through decades of prestigious collaborations with leading international fashion houses and designers.

The latest renowned designer to collaborate with Castañer? Chinese-American and Franco-Basque designer Joseph Altuzarra.

Arguably one of the most celebrated luxury womenswear designers, Altuzarra materializes his passion for artisanal craftsmanship and refined luxury in a unique series of canvas, leather and jute espadrilles. Stitching, braiding, warping, irregular patterns and lacing – the century-old craftsmanship perfected in Castañer’s workshops in Banyoles – star in the Altuzarra x Castañer capsule collection, the first collaboration between the award-winning New York designer and historic espadrilles brand.

The three lines of the series, Stitching, Braided and Tie Dye, combine romanticism, contemporary fantasy and pragmatism in reimagined classics, made modern with relaxed sophistication in a sustainable and timeless way. The lines evoke some of the designs seen in Altuzarra’s last show at the New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2022 and in his prominent career as an accessory designer.

Castañer Sandals - Aventura Mall

Wrapped Wedges

The must-have Carina ankle wrapped wedges – also available with a double sole – are the protagonists of the Tie Dye line by Altuzarra x Castañer. Irregular shapes of blues and mauves printed on canvas, display the beautiful imperfections of the faded pattern over black and white and on the natural tone of jute. They come with interchangeable straps, in printed and plain versions, for added practicality.

Altuzarra x Castañer Capsule Collection

Tie Dye

Kenda and Pablo, the company’s classic flats for men and women, are now presented by Altuzarra in their most casual form. They are the most comfortable and refreshing footwear of the capsule, slightly reminiscent of the silk crepe dresses printed by hand using the traditional Shibori tie-dye technique present in the designer’s latest collections.

Castañer Sandals - Aventura Mall


Stitches on natural materials in their cleanest and purest state represent Castañer’s artisan legacy and, by showing their ornamental potential, pay tribute to the art of embroidery.
Altuzarra dresses the versatile Elena and Iria in black leather and accentuates their silhouettes by highlighting them with delicate stitching, which also decorates the rest of the leather and extends to the laces that, in both cases, are fastened at the ankle.

Castañer Sandals - Aventura Mall


The designs of the Braided series by Altuzarra x Castañer are both timeless and contemporary. With a genuine commitment to black leather combined with the raw tone of jute, the designer gives shape to Nara and Dalia based on braids in different shapes and levels of thickness. These models, which take us back to the modest origins of espadrilles, are given a relaxed polished look thanks to the charm of craftsmanship and timeless elegance of the leather, joined to the jute sole by scalloped stitch.
Aria elevates the essence of this proposal on a steady and comfortable wedge, smart and multi-purpose, tied to the ankle by a buckle.

Altuzarra x Castañer Capsule Collection

Artisinal Techniques

Altuzarra’s personal inclination towards artisanal techniques, as well as his multicultural background, can be seen in each of his creations with a vocation for timeless basics and references to the feelings which clothes and shoes can transmit: Confidence, joy, curiosity, optimism and sensuality.
Just like the rest of the espadrilles in the Castañer catalogue, the designs signed by Altuzarra are manufactured entirely by hand in the workshops of the family business, where theirfootwear has been handcrafted with the same care for almost a hundred years: a virtuous job that treats each shoe as a work of art.

Shop the Altuzarra x Castañer capsule collection at Castañer, located on the Upper Level.

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