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Shine Bright Like a Pandora Diamond

How does Pandora, the jewelry manufacturer and retailer, elevate the cachet of lab-grown diamonds? By signing on some remarkable women to front its “Diamonds for All” campaign, is how. Faces signed up for the mission include Pamela Anderson, Precious Lee, legendary fashion editor Grace Coddington, and American Sign Language performer Justina Miles. “I like the fact that these are lab-grown diamonds” says Anderson. “And knowing the jewelry is crafted from recycled silver and gold makes me feel good about wearing it.”



The three new collections embracing this effort include Pandora Nova, a four-prong setting that is designed to best showcase the diamond; Pandora Era, which reimagines classic bezel and prong settings with its signature take; and Pandora Talisman, which features five pendant designs sure to appeal to fans of the brand’s classic charms.


While the appeal of Pandora allure remains unchallenged, the new “Diamonds for All” campaign encourages jewelry fans to reconsider the archetypal and precious image represented by diamonds, to a statement that reinvents its purpose. “Our diamonds are not for the few, for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, or only for giving. They represent personal meaning that each of us can create,” says Mary Carmen Gasco-Buisson, Chief Marketing Officer of Pandora.


This collection is much aligned with sustainable goals, a top priority for Pandora, which plans to purchase only recycled silver and gold for its jewelry by 2025. “Diamonds for All” embraces the call by featuring lab-grown diamonds, stones that are chemically identical to natural diamonds. However, these are created in a laboratory rather than in mines, resulting in a far lower carbon footprint and the elimination of any questionable sourcing practices.

Pandora is all in on this latest reveal timed ideally to the upcoming holiday gifting season. Pieces in the new lab-grown diamonds collections are now available at Pandora located on the Upper Level.

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