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Diet Starts Monday’s New Collection – Exclusively at Nordstrom Aventura Mall

We spoke with founder Davin Gentry to learn more about what inspired the brand, his favorite pieces in the new collection, and tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

More streetwear is coming to Nordstrom this month. Diet Starts Monday is launching an exclusive collection at 10 Nordstrom stores across the country, including our own here at Aventura Mall.

With relatability and nostalgia at its core, Diet Starts Monday is expanding its retail presence with the collection’s exciting variety of pieces, from traditional sportswear to satin jackets and knitted shorts. Cofounder Davin Gentry shared his brand journey with us and talks about what to expect from this first iteration of the Nordstrom collection:

Tell us about Diet Starts Monday. What inspired the name and the brand?

We talked about starting a brand together for years – three, to be exact. In 2016, we finally decided to put it into motion with plans of launching Spring 2017. Given what it took to start, we knew the brand name needed to be related to procrastinating. Like most people, ‘Diet Starts Monday’ is a phrase we threw around constantly. Traveling for work, staying out late, eating terribly without working out … we’d always say to each other, “when we get back in town, diet starts Monday.” Once we officially launched and started receiving customer feedback, we realized how relatable our procrastination was with the rest of the world, especially with creatives. We wanted to build off that foundation of authenticity and encourage creatives to put their ideas into motion today, rather than putting them off.

I’m also inspired by places I’ve been and plan to go. Being born and raised in Madisonville, Kentucky, there’s a lot of Kentucky nostalgia with an emphasis on motorcycle rally culture throughout our collections. There are also heavy influences from sportswear and music. Living in Los Angeles and my love of international travel inspired me to create a wardrobe that adapts to whatever environment I’m in.

What are your favorite pieces from the collection at Nordstrom?

My personal favorites are the Country Club pullover and the knitted shorts. I designed both of those pieces to be worn together, especially in L.A. It’s the perfect day-to-night outfit for those cool LA mornings. You can remove the pullover around lunch, then throw it back on around 5 p.m. when it starts to cool back down. I always design with versatility and functionality in mind.

Pullover Country Club Half-Zip Pullover, $132
Knit shorts Intarsia Logo Knit Drawstring Shorts, $120
Graphic Tee Feel the Burn Graphic Tee, $62

Which piece is most Miami-Approved?

The Linen Lightning Bolt Button-up, for sure. That has Miami yacht or pool party written all over it, especially if you can track down the matching shorts.

Linen Shirt Lightning Embroidered Short Sleeve Linen Button-Up Camp Shirt, $140
Mens Shorts Flame Mesh Athletic Shorts, $80
Diet Starts Monday hoodie Cotton French Terry Graphic Hoodie, $162

What is your go-to fashion tip?

I’ve always had a “less is more” approach to fashion. Never doing too much. My wardrobe and style have always focused on timeless garments rather than trendy, in-the-moment pieces. A prime example is the pullover and knitted shorts. These are two unique, premium items that stand out now but will also stand out in 5-10 years. My advice is to invest in things that stand the test of time.

So many people dream of creating their own brand. What’s your advice for someone getting started?

Everything is about the story you tell and how well you tell it. People love being able to relate to a story and seeing something that sparks a memory from a similar experience. Tell your story authentically. If it’s not genuine, people will see through it. Be genuine, unique, and consistent. Most importantly, enjoy the journey. The early stages of the brand are the most exciting. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Embrace the setbacks and learn from them.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Our second delivery arrives back in Nordstrom exclusively next month. I’m really excited about seeing those items in-store. Other than that, just expect us to continually elevate the brand. We’re designing about a year ahead right now, and I can honestly say that each collection is a step up from the last. I’m excited to share that with you guys!

Shop the new Diet Starts Monday collection at Nordstrom in Aventura Mall. For more information, call 305-356-6900.

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