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Bee Harris: Commitment to Impact

Whether it’s your first time visiting Aventura Mall or you’ve already lost count of how many times you’ve been here, there’s always something new to surprise and delight your senses. As you stroll through our lush outdoor courtyard, pop in for a bite to eat, or enjoy the vibrant displays from your favorite brands, we can all but guarantee your eyes will be drawn to the digital art from artist Brittany “Bee” Harris.

Each of Harris’ three abstract portraits features empowered Black women with triumphant expressions enveloped by stylish pops of color and fashionable patterns. When looking at each piece, you may notice something is missing. The intention is to see yourself in these portraits, which Harris has masterfully accomplished. It’s only natural to feel inspired to chart your own path and live a creative, meaningful life when admiring her works. Harris hopes they will inspire people to revel in the present moment and use their own gifts to impact their own community, take action to achieve their goals, and unapologetically show up for themselves.

In celebration of Juneteenth, Bee’s artwork is meant to resonate with guests in different ways, connecting them with their surroundings and potentially shifting their perspectives of their environment. Evoking a sense of solidarity and resilience within the Black community and within herself, Harris aims to inspire people, particularly Black women, to use their strengths and natural gifts to impact society in the same way she does. This notion of celebrating your voice and using it to make a difference in your community draws parallels to Juneteeth, where the liberation and resilience of African Americans are commemorated.

Juneteenth marks a pivotal moment in American history when the last enslaved African Americans were finally informed of their freedom, two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation. This historical event not only signifies an end to slavery but also represents the courage, strength, and perseverance of African Americans in their long fight for justice and equality.

Harris’ empowering portraits of Black women embody this spirit of resilience and resistance. The abstract faces, left intentionally incomplete, serve as a powerful metaphor for the ongoing struggle for equality and representation in society. Viewers of this artwork are invited to project themselves into the art, filling in the missing pieces with their own experiences and aspirations.

“My art has culturally impacted the Black community similar to the Black community overcoming these struggles historically,” Harris said. “Just being able to connect the historical culture of Black art to our history in America, our freedom…either way, it’s great that Black art is being celebrated because, throughout history, art has gotten us through a lot.” 

Bee Harris: Commitment to Impact

Harris’s art is not just digital images to be observed on Juneteenth. They are reflections of a resilient past, an empowering present, and a hopeful future. They are a call to action, a challenge to stand strong and make your voice heard. They are a reminder that the fight for equality is still ongoing and that everyone has a role to play.

Originally from Chicago, Harris launched her career in creativity through fashion styling and graphic design projects. She also benefitted from an early background in educational leadership and technology, which she was later able to fuse with her artistic skills. While she always enjoyed fashion, it wasn’t how she wanted to influence others. “I wanted to make a bigger impact than just being creative for no reason,” Harris said. This is a testament to her belief that everyone should understand the “why” behind their actions so they can live lives fueled by meaning, mindfulness, and purpose.

As she furthered her design career, this idea of impact greatly influenced her, and it quickly became her goal to ensure every piece of art she creates can move someone in a positive way. Her designs first gained momentum in 2019 during Black History Month, for which she created a design series featuring Black women in different creative spaces, using unique features such as color, illusion, and pattern to tell different stories. 

Harris posted her designs on Instagram, immediately garnering a substantial following and skyrocketing her level of impact. “That was a time [in] social media where if people saw your stuff, they actually followed [you],” Harris said. People just started reaching out for opportunities…and that’s how the door opened for me to do graphic design and illustration full time.”

Bee Harris: Commitment to Impact

Since then, Harris has married elements of design with the Black human experience. Within a few months of her Instagram gaining popularity, Tampax expressed interest in working with her. Using its platform and Harris’ creativity, Tampax provided period education to Black women and donated money to support Black female doctors and healthcare professionals. 

“I want to be vocal about different things that [Black women] go through every day,” Harris said. “I want to create, and luckily, I think I’ve organically attracted brands that align with me.” Along with Tampax, Harris has worked with LifeWtr, the National Women’s Law Center, Homegoods, and other notable brands. Each of these opportunities aligns with her goal to inspire Black women and bring voices to the Black experience. 

You can find Harris’ Sky is the Limit, Blue Dream, and Roadless Traveled art pieces on display across our digital screens through June 19th. We also encourage you to keep up with her incredible journey on Instagram at @beeharris.

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