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Culture. Style. Taste.

The Aventura Market: Organically Grown for Over 20 Years

For over 20 years, the Aventura Market has functioned in support of the local community, giving guests the perfect setting to explore an array of international foods and handmade goods from local businesses while escaping the Florida heat.

Aventura Market showcases a diverse array of cuisine, fresh produce from dozens of vendors — many of whom prioritize the use of natural and organic ingredients – in addition to handcrafted clothing, décor and accessories for the whole family.

From sweet to savory and everything in between, here are a few Aventura Market vendors refreshing and enriching the lifestyles of our shopping center’s diverse community.

El Coco Loco Frio

For those looking to quench their thirst and enjoy a tasty antioxidant boost, look no further. A market staple for over five years, El Coco Loco Frio has been a favorite among guests for its revitalizing coconut water and fresh, tropical fruits.

Other menu favorites include the Cocada—a shake composed of Venezuelan coconut, including the meat, water and milk, which is then blended with condensed milk. A vegan version of the shake is also offered.

Ciabella Bakery

Montreal natives Franco Morency and Nathalie Game saw Miami as a prime market for a new vegan concept.

Known for its delicious, vegan breads and spreads, Ciabella Bakery utilizes all-natural, rustic ingredients that give customers a fresh taste of the globe. Breads like olive ciabatta are among the customer favorites, and the bakery also offers a handmade vinaigrette and olive tapenade imported from Greece.

The Ceviche and Guacamole House

Offering fresh food with an authentic Peruvian kick, The Ceviche and Guacamole House started 12 years ago as a family business before quickly gaining popularity throughout South Florida.

Cruzado utilizes only haas avocados—due to their flavor and creamy texture—that are cultivated at the perfect ripeness for guacamole. Other popular menu items include fiery salsa and cooling ceviche with fresh fish.

Two to Cake

With its use of fresh, Kosher ingredients and artful cake designs, it’s no wonder Two to Cake has been so popular since coming to The Aventura Market last year.

Two to Cake offers a variety of other handmade treats, such as gourmet cake pops, decorated cookies and its best-selling macaroons.

Mediterranean Delights

It’s hard to pass Mediterranean Delights without stopping to enjoy the aroma. Hummus, tabbouleh salad, baba ganoush and more of your Mediterranean favorites are just the start. Our pick: Kibbeh – a popular Middle Eastern staple made with ground meat and flavorful, spice-infused grains. Similar to a falafel in texture and oh, so delightful.

Mangobiche Mia

On its own, mango is a healthy treat. Mix it with spices and homemade sauces, and it’s a mouthwatering fusion of flavors. Fresh, bright mango spirals serve as the base for Mangobiche’s customizable and delectable on-the-go-friendly bowls.

Emotion Growers

Did you know there are more than 60 varieties of roses? Red, white, pink, yellow, purple … the options are endless, but no matter the color, roses are a classic, romantic, and beautiful way to show someone you care. Where the roses grow, the love grows!

Gerbaud Bakery + Juices

Gerbaud Bakery + Juices creates one-of a kind Caribbean and Hungarian refreshments and delicious pastries. For something unique, request the beigli, a traditional Hungarian roll filled with walnuts. Got a sweet tooth? Don’t skip out on the brownies and house-made coconut candy.

American Hats

No spring outfit is complete without a hat! American Hats offers a variety of styles ranging from trending fedoras and rancher hats to beach-friendly pieces that are eternally Miami.

Anet’s Colombian Baked Goods

Well-known for its homemade South American staples, Anet’s features crowd-favorite arepas. Make a meal out of your visit by adding shredded beef or chicken – you can’t go wrong! Better yet, top off your feast with the delicious gluten-free, must-try Pandebono, which is as fresh and filling as it is tasty.

To shop these and other vendors, visit The Aventura Market, located on the lower level from Center Court to Zara every Saturday and Sunday during mall hours.

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