The Aventura Market


All Weekend Long

Throughout the Lower and Upper Levels.

The largest indoor market in South Florida, The Aventura Farmers Market has shown local love to South Florida farmers and artisans for more than 20 years. Representing the region’s talented culture melting pot, The Aventura Farmers Market open all weekend long, showcases a diverse array of exotic foods, fresh produce, desserts, handmade goods, accessories, home décor and more.

Be Part of our Community of Farmers & Artisans

Speciality & Baked Foods

  • Toasts - Aventura Market
    Best from Italy
  • Arepas - Aventura Mall market
  • Candy Plush - Aventura Mall Market
    Candy Plush
  • Chocolate on Tap
    Chocolate on Tap
  • Ciabella Bakery - Aventura Mall market
    Ciabella Bakery
  • Coco market at Aventura Mall
    Coco Market
  • Kimone's Cake Art Studio Vendor At Aventura Mall
    Kimone’s Cake Art Studio
  • Mediterranean Delights - Aventura Mall Market
    Mediterranean Delights
  • Mr Pancho Gourmet - Aventura Mall market
    Mr. Pancho Gourmet Hot Dog
  • Sweet Guilt Vendor At Aventura Mall
    Sweet Guilt
  • Miami N´ Ice - Aventura Mall
    The Ceviche and Guacamole House

Made In Miami:
The Aventura Mall Farmers Market

Regular shoppers at the Aventura Farmers Market can tell you just how special it is to spend a weekend afternoon among a collection of dedicated artisans making homemade goods – especially when you consider that, for many of them, “homemade” means Made in Miami.

Made In Miami: The Aventura Mall Farmers Market

Plants & Flowers

  • Emotion Growers Vendor at Aventura Mall
    Emotion Growers
  • Encantos Floral Design at aventura mall
    Encantos Floral Design
  • The Flower Trail
    The Flower Trail

Farmers Market Faves:
What We’re Adding To Our Market Bags

There’s nothing quite as special as a homemade touch – and the Aventura Farmers Market is a must-visit destination for creative goods and delicious treats crafted with love by local vendors.

Aventura Mall Market

Handcrafted Goods

  • AIS Design - American Hats - Aventura Market
    American Hats
  • Candy Soap at aventura mall
    Candy Soap
  • Chalah Designs
    Chalah Designs
  • GAF Home
    GAF Home
  • Ilusia Jewelry at aventura mall
    Ilusia Jewelry
  • Munai at Aventura Mall
  • Villanova Cigars - Aventura Mall Market
    Ralph’s Cigars
  • Splash
  • Two2Guys
  • Vanesa Farfan Jewelry - Aventura Mall market
    Vanesa Farfan Jewelry

Bloom Where
You’re Planted

Over the past year, “plant parent” has become yet another character trait by which many proudly associate. Maybe you’ve had a “green thumb” your whole life, or perhaps you acquired one over the past year.

Encantos Floral Design - Aventura Mall market

Encatos Floral Design

Fruits & Veggies

  • El coco loco frio - Aventura Mall market
    El Coco Loco Frio
  • Gerbaud Bakery + Juices - Aventura Mall market
    Gerbaud Bakery + Juices

Discover Handcrafted
Goods at The Aventura
Farmers Market

They say, “happiness is homemade”- and if homemade joy is what you’re searching for, look no further: The Aventura Farmers Market is where you want to be.

La Nueva Moderna

Gifts & Miscellaneous