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Culture. Style. Taste.

Discover Handcrafted Goods at The Aventura Farmers Market

They say, “happiness is homemade”- and if homemade joy is what you’re searching for, look no further: The Aventura Farmers Market is where you want to be.

As the largest indoor market in South Florida, the Aventura Farmers Market gives goers the perfect opportunity to explore an array of unique, handcrafted goods while escaping the Florida heat. Plus, there’s no better way to celebrate Miami’s rich multicultural history than perusing creations inspired by cultures from all over the globe – and the Aventura Farmers Market offers just that, representing the region’s talented melting pot with its 75+ farmers and artisans.

Whether you’re seeking something for yourself or a gift for someone you love, there’s an array of unique jewelry, handbags, accessories and more to add culture and style to your wardrobe and home.

Let’s take a look at some of the spectacular handcrafted goods that fill the halls of The Aventura Farmers Market every weekend:

Handbags from Bella Empress Boutique (@bellabijouxboxx)

Anelie Rattan Bag

Life is short; buy the bag! Accessories are everything, and this Simona Bamboo Bag by Bella Empress Boutique is a trendy addition to any outfit. This best-seller is chic, feminine and carefully hand-crafted with love. Made from strong but soft fibers, this bamboo number will give you confidence while carrying your essentials.

Home + Family-Friendly Accessories from Ganapati Crafts (

Felt Safari Animal Baby Mobile

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! This gorgeous, felt safari animal baby mobile by Ganapati Crafts is handmade in Nepal of 100% New Zealand wool, and each figure is individually needle-crafted. You can hang this baby mobile from a crib arm or from a ceiling hook. Its lightweight composition allows it to spin gently with the slightest touch.

The safari mobile adds a wild side to your baby’s nursery, engaging your baby’s budding fascination with animal kingdom. Hakuna Matata!

Clothing from Munai (

Andreina Macrame Vest – Cover Up

The perfect complement to some “vitamin sea?” This gorgeous, hand-crafted cover-up. The Adreina Vest by Munai is ethnically made by artisans using traditional and contemporary Andean techniques. It is made from macrame and unique ribbons, and has fringes all around that will move and twist while you walk.

This vest is fabulous layered over a casual outfit or worn as a swimsuit cover-up. The beach is calling, and we must go!

Beaded Jewelry from Kana’s (@kanasbracelets)

Magic Words Bracelet

Do you believe in magic? Well, Kana’s by Juliana Duque does! The Colombian mother-daughter duo crafted the Magic Words bracelet to remind us all of the importance of women. Made with crystals, gold-plated beads and letter beads, the bracelet can be made with 11 different words, including “Brave,” “Warriors”, “Empowered” and “Creative.”

Each of these pieces are 100% handmade and express a moment, feeling, place and/or emotion, making each piece unique. We want this arm candy to make us feel magical all summer long.

Love what you see? We don’t blame you. Join us at The Aventura Farmers Market every Saturday and Sunday on the Lower Level.

To browse all farmers and artisans at The Aventura Farmers Market, click here.Call 305-935-1110 for more information.

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