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Bloom Where You’re Planted


Sole Plants

Known as the “Swiss cheese plant” the Monstera is the house plant that has popped up all over our Instagram feeds. In fact, we may just call it an influencer. Known for purifying the air, it’s a happy, bright green – and, dare we say, chic – addition to just about any room.

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Sole Plants

Another popular plant taking over homes and social media is the Pothos. Pothos plants are arguably one of the easiest plants to grow; they actually thrive on low light and neglect (so close the blinds and binge-watch Netflix without guilt!) These plants serve to purify the air of harmful chemicals while also helping eliminate odors. Bonus: they’ve been rumored to help alleviate eye irritation after long days of staring at screens, making them a great option for students and those who work on computers most of the day.


Emotion Growers

You know them; you love them. Roses are a timeless flower that evoke beauty and emotional depth – and we aren’t just talking the romantic kind! In fact, different colored roses represent different feelings. For example, red symbolizes love and passion, pink symbolizes warmth and positivity and yellow evokes friendship and joy.


Sole Plants

It’s the self-care tip that took the internet by storm: hang a eucalyptus plant in your shower for a soothingly steamy, spa-like bath that will awaken the senses, help you breathe deep and relieve tension. Or, for a Zen environment, set some by your bed – eucalyptus is famous for its anti-insomnia benefits!

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