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Bloom Where You’re Planted

Here at Aventura Mall, there’s always something new to experience that fulfills your needs. During the summer, we want all things fresh—something that contrasts the hot South Florida sun. The Aventura Farmers Market features vendors, farmers and artists who uniquely connect their creativity with their culture.

Displaying diverse foods, accessories and handmade creations, it’s hard not to fall in love with this weekend-long event. However, due to their popularity in home and office spaces, we must highlight the beautiful plants and greenery at the market and the vendors who display them.

Keep reading to familiarize yourself with different vendors and learn about popular plants that keep us refreshed all summer long.


Moss Displays

Recently launching their business in 2022, TropicalCoArt is a new Aventura Farmers Market vendor. TropicalCoArt strives to connect nature and design by creating unique plant arrangements. Moss displays are one of the businesses most popular products. The plant is often overlooked in nature; however, in these displays, the moss adds vibrance and a unique texture, making it a consumer favorite. The moss is often paired with a specific stone, a mini sculpture, or cool patterns, making intricate designs.

Encantos Floral Design
Encantos Floral Design


Starting as an artistic hobby, making flowers and plant designs blossomed into an every-growing family business that prioritizes freshness and perfection. Encantos Floral Design has been an Aventura Farmers Market vendor for years, with succulents being one of their most popular plants. Native to dry environments, they have quickly dominated home and office spaces. Their low maintenance, diversity and beauty attract people who can’t commit to intense gardening but need something rare and unique to add as décor.

Encantos Floral Design
Encantos Floral Design


Besides succulents, Encantos Floral Design’s diverse palette also includes bonsai trees. With over 400 variations around the world, small, mobile bonsais trees are the best piece of decoration to compliment any type of space. Symbolizing balance and abundance, bonsais bring good luck while also carrying a refreshing and calm energy.

emotion growers at aventura mall
Emotion Growers


You know them; you love them. Roses are a timeless flower that evoke beauty and emotional depth, something that Emotion Growers deeply values and wants every costumer to experience. With over 25 years in the flower business, Emotion Growers mission is to “grow, distribute, and market emotions all over the world” using their love and passion for roses. Their roses are native to local farms in Colombia and Ecuador, giving consumers the best quality.

Ready to get growing? Create your own oasis with plants and flowers from Emotion Growers, Encantos Floral Design, TropicalCoArt, and more at The Aventura Farmers Market, located throughout the Lower Level at Aventura Mall every weekend.

For more information, call 305-935-1110 or visit the Aventura Farmers Market on Instagram @aventurafarmersmarket.

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