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Farmers Market Faves: What We’re Adding To Our Market Bags

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There’s nothing quite as special as a homemade touch – and the Aventura Farmers Market is a must-visit destination for creative goods and delicious treats crafted with love by local vendors. As the largest indoor market in South Florida, the Aventura Farmers Market gives visitors the perfect opportunity to spend weekends exploring an array of unique, handcrafted goods while escaping the Florida heat.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or seeking a perfect gift for someone you love, there’s an array of unique gems waiting to be discovered. Here are our top farmers market favorites (including an adorable tote to carry all your goods!):

First Things First: Your Weekend Market Bag

Munai, a purveyor of woven goods at the Aventura Farmers Market, has several market-friendly bag designs. We love the Sierra straw bag’s versatility and ample size. The hand-braided design is crafted from palm straw in a neutral tone that will match all your favorite summer looks.

Sierra Straw Bag


Munai, a purveyor of woven goods at the Aventura Farmers Market, has several market-friendly bag designs. We love the Sierra straw bag’s versatility and ample size. The hand-braided design is crafted from palm straw in a neutral tone that will match all your favorite summer looks

Wayuu Bags Collection @decenarioscool

Decenarios Cool

This gorgeous black and beige embroidered bag is perfect for every day. Wayuu bags are hand crocheted using various techniques by the indigenous Wayuu tribe based out of La Guajira, Colombia. The team behind Wayuu bags adds their own special touch by decorating them using the finest embroidered fabrics. Each bag takes about 4 to 5 hours to decorate, all stitched by hand, using the highest quality crystals, imitation pearls and appliques.

Celia Cruz tote bag @artcollazomore

Artcollazomore, Inc.

Add a little “Azucar!” to your ensemble with a nod to one of the Cuban-American community’s most influential figures, the late Celia Cruz. Encouraging “the art of buying art,” Artcollazomore offers bags, shirts and even bathing suits featuring iconic movers and shakers, such as Frida Kahlo.

International Eats & Photo-Worthy Sweets

The Aventura Farmers Market features fresh produce, exotic cuisine, and divine desserts. The diversity in food vendors allows you to travel the world by taste as you venture to each book.

Candy Plush

Candy Plush’s artistic cotton candy sculptures are an undeniable pick-me-up. Saccharine unicorns and kittens? Sweet dreams are made of these.

Doce de leite brigadeiro @thosedoces

Those Doces

Experience a burst of rich flavors when you bite into a Doce de Leite Brigadeiro, a Brazilian truffle rolled in churro-flavored crackers. This family-owned business infuses heritage into bite-sized doces that are undeniably delicious.

Espresso halva @sumsumandco


If you’re looking for a healthy treat, SUMSUM’s halva creations are a top contender. SUMSUM puts a unique spin on traditional halva, a sweet Middle Eastern staple made from sesame seed paste. Plus, each piece of halva is all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

Mood-Boosting Plants & Florals

It’s no secret that nature has the power to improve people’s moods and reduce stress. Multiple studies have linked ornamental plants and flowers to an increase in positivity and happiness. Revive the energy in your home or office with these gorgeous pieces of nature.


Emotion Growers

Take an opportunity to stop and smell the roses! Flowers are a wonderful way to bring warmth into your home. Add a vibrant bouquet of roses to your dinner or coffee table to lift your spirits.

Succulent terrarium @encantosfloraldesign

Encantos Floral Design

Whether you’re working from home or at the office, a little plant can go a long way. These small terrariums will add character to any workspace. Bonus: they’re low maintenance, making them an ideal desk mate.

Fiddle leaf fig and pothos plants @soleplants

Sole Plants

A house plant is the perfect final touch to create a welcoming home. Not only do plants like the fiddle leaf fig create a peaceful space, but they also purify the air around you.

Hand-Crafted Gifts & Accessories

One of the greatest reasons to visit a farmers’ market is the instant access to talented artisans and one-of-a-kind goods. Find your next favorite statement accessory, signature scent, or the perfect gift. Better yet, you’ll know your purchase is fueling the local community.

Handmade beaded earrings @deceenarioscool

Decenarios Cool

Hand-crafted jewelry? We’re all ears. Decenarios Cool has a variety of statement-making creations. We especially love these turquoise-hued beaded earrings for an effortless bohemian look.

La Mèche Black Cherry Merlot candle @lameche_candles

La Mèche Candles

Candles are always a luxurious gift. Run the bath, grab your favorite book, and light one of La Mèche’s hand-poured candles for a serene home-spa moment.

Luxury beard kit @kingofkingsbeaerdkit

A King of Kings

Just in time for Father’s Day, give dad a chance to pamper himself with King of King’s luxury beard kit. The package features organic beard oil, natural beard balm, beard moisturizer, beard wash, logo beard brush, metal beard pick, and small logo travel bag. The set also comes in an engraved wooden case that’s ideal for gifting.

Are you ready to hit the market? The Aventura Farmers Market is open Saturdays and Sundays, spanning the Lower Level between Center Court and Zara.

For more information, call 305-935-1110 or visit

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