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Bold In the Cold: Balenciaga’s Winter 22 Drops at Aventura Mall

Leveraging futurism while tapping into the nostalgia of the snowy season, Balenciaga’s Winter 22 show redefined winter – and the fashion it inspires.

The collection was presented on an infinite white field, encapsulated with a protective glass screen in a real-life, 3-D live stream with a 360° view. It was a dramatic presentation for a striking collection that showcases Balenciaga’s iconic bold touch.

So, what can you expect from the Italian fashion house this winter? Let’s take a look:

In Balenciaga’s Winter 22 collection, classic looks are pared down and redrawn, letting bold silhouettes stand out. Hybrid stretch dresses and bodysuits fit and fall in new ways by combining gloves, shoes, pants, trains, or leggings. Staples such as turtlenecks, pants, and jersey hoodies are partially destroyed, shrunken, or oversized.

Step It Up

From sleek boots to caged kicks, Balenciaga continues to slay the shoe game.

Boot balenciaga at aventura mall Boot
HD Slip On— Black balenciaga at aventura mall HD Slip On— Black
Bootie balenciaga at aventura mall Bootie

Meanwhile, pullover outerwear reimagines various versions of the jacket – leather, puffer, bomber, denim and track – as a closed-front garment. A top is made from a pair of jeans and a T-shirt attached to the underside of an embroidered logo is layered or left to hang out. Graphic prints announce XXXL fits or messages like “Be Different,” while logos are blocked out with black tape. Double-breasted suiting and trenches are pre-wrinkled and collapsible, made to be balled up for easy packing.

Bold & Boxy

Soft yet structured shapes, layers, and looping chain straps. These handbags are sure to steal the spotlight.

Crush Chain Bag L at aventura mall Crush Chain Bag L
Swing Bag at aventura mall Swing Bag
Crush Chain Bag L Quilted at aventura mall Crush Chain Bag L Quilted

Accessories are enlarged and exaggerated, emphasizing reuse and alternative materials. The Crush Bag is a soft box shape, held by one or two handles on opposite edges, and the Swing Bag is made of multiple layers, held by a looping chain strap. Purses are made from pairs of Cagole or Rodeo boots, while the HD Sneaker is a lace-up consisting of one flexible, solid piece. The Knife Wader combines two classic styles with a flared upper, pointed toe and spike heel, while The Glove Boot is a sleek, rounded-toe heel in multiple heights.

Future Vision

The future of fashion is looking bright – consider these chic shades required wearing.

Skin Cat Glasses— Black at aventura mall Skin Cat Glasses— Black
Skin Cat Glasses— Light Yellow at aventura mall Skin Cat Glasses— Light Yellow
Skin XXL Cat Glasses at aventura mall Skin XXL Cat Glasses

Looking to feel even better about your luxury wear? Research and innovation are key to Balenciaga’s latest collection. EPHEA™ – a cutting-edge, mycelium-based material exclusively developed for the fashion house – is the first of its kind. Engineered to diminish an ecological footprint without compromising quality or technical performance, it is made from the vegetative body of mushrooms and bio-fabricated using a proprietary process, making it an organic and viable alternative to leather that is finished with a sustainable treatment.

Balenciaga is located on the Lower Level. For more information, call 305-792-1000.

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