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‘His & Hers’ No More: High Fashion Pushes Gender Boundaries

Gender-fluid fashion is on the rise. From inclusive campaigns to collections that challenge conventional, gender-specific design norms, high fashion is quickly dissolving the social boundaries dictating how we dress and express ourselves. Here are some of our favorite designer collection campaigns and debuts that are demonstrating how style has no gender.

Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele has made it a brand mission to move away from gendered clothing—so much so that the Gucci website now features an “MX” section dedicated to genderless fashion showcased by androgynous models.

Similarly, the brand’s Pre-Fall 2020 collection (pictured above), is gender nonspecific and includes designs with contrasting feminine and masculine details.

After years of popularity in Europe, the trend of men carrying handbags is finally making its arrival stateside. Campaigns from brands like Givenchy prove that a bag can be fashionable—and convenient—for any gender.

The Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection (above) wowed the audience at the brand’s Shanghai runway show last August. Much like YSL and Burberry, the outfits include men’s purses and handbags—but they did not stop there. Bright colors such as pink and purple coupled with traditionally feminine prints broaden the collection’s unisex appeal.

Given the brand’s historic reputation as a fashion trailblazer, it should come as no surprise that Saint Laurent opted to utilize a gender-neutral approach for its Spring/Summer 2020 campaign, which featured male models in sleek, contemporary dresses and leather skirts.

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