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Women of The Market

Women-owned businesses are on the rise – and their founders are infusing passion and diversity into communities around the country. Every weekend, creative female artisans debut their goods at our Aventura Farmers Market. While March is the time to celebrate and recognize Women’s History Month, these working women contribute to the Miami community every day of the year.

Paula’s Bake Shop Paula’s Bake Shop


Kana’s by Juliana Duque Kana’s by Juliana Duque


Sage and Palo Santo Sage and Palo Santo


Xian Bamboo and Flowers Xian Bamboo and Flowers


Fur of Love Fur of Love


High7Teas High7Teas


Margus Empanadas Margus Empanadas


“My advice for women striving to become business owners is to create something you believe in, envision your goals, and be the best at what you do to make your dreams become reality,” says Paula Chavez, owner of Paula’s Bake Shop.

Like most small business owners, Chavez started Paula’s Bake Shop in her home. “Our story began as a family,” she says, recalling her passion for teaching her children about alfajores, a traditional Argentinian pastry. Her artisanal alfajores, crafted with a sweet dulce de leche filling, became the foundation of a thriving business that she shares with her children. “I am so grateful to be able to share this business with my kids and show them their dreams are attainable, as long as they don’t give up on them.”

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