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Peppermint Park is all about kids!

There’s no doubt about it — whether you’re a kid or just a kid at heart, there’s nothing quite like shopping at Peppermint Park at the best mall in Miami. Featuring shelves stocked with colorful children’s toys, gifts, and collectibles, the shop infuses every aisle with a healthy dose of childhood-inspired nostalgia. You’ll find all kinds of wonders and curiosities here, from a vintage 25 cent candy machine and a colorful playground jungle gym, to carefully curated items from fashion and toy brands like Sanrio®, Steiff, tokidoki, Nickelodeon, and more. It’s always a fun time to surprise your little one with something they’ll love, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite educational toys from Peppermint Park.

Ride On Cars

Discover a safe yet thrilling way for the whole family to have fun. Driving in a luxurious and powerful car is now a joy you can pass on to your child with a miniature version of your favorite ride. Ride ons can provide children with a great platform to develop gross and fine motor skills, refine balance, and help with coordination.



Tokyobike is a small, independent bicycle company founded in 2002 in the quiet Tokyo suburb of Yanaka. The inspiration and ethos for tokyobike began with the name, tokyobike. In the same way the mountain bike was designed for the mountains, tokyobike was conceived as the perfect way to ride around Tokyo. Focusing on comfort and lightness, tokyobikes are designed for you to explore the places that people love and call home.

Made in a stunning vermillion color that’s exclusively available at The Tot, this little toykobike is designed with a built-in handle making it easy for parents to lift in and out of the car. Includes removable training wheels, a front caliper brake, rear coaster brake, ivory tires as well as a coordinating brown seat and grips.



Steiff animals are made from mohair, alpaca, cashmere, 100 percent cotton velvet, 100 percent wool felt, and valuable woven plush – a material usually reserved for the high fashion industry. Steiff products are often considered family heirlooms and are passed from generation to generation.

Steiff toys last so long because they are extremely well-made and vigorously tested – surpassing all U.S. and international toy safety standards. Vintage Steiff toys from the company’s earlier years have sold at auction for more than $100,000.  Collectors treasure Steiff products for their artistry, beauty, and lasting value. Children love their friendly faces, cuddly fur, and realistic designs. When “only the best” is good enough, Steiff is the only choice.


Tender Leaf

Tender Leaf Toys was created by craftsmen and designers who wanted to use their expertise to craft a beautiful wooden toy range intended to bring the energy, emotion and excitement of playing with wooden toys back into the family. With all of their products designed with a child’s cognitive and physical skills in mind, they’re also made with from renewable rubber wood and painted with non-toxic, water-based paints. Based in the UK, Tender Leaf Toys was given the ICTI Ethical Toy Program seal of approval, meaning all of their toy products meet the European, American, Australian and New Zealand standard safety of toys according to EN71, ASTM and AS/NZS ISO.


Vintage Polaroid 600

Limited edition refurbished vintage Polaroid 600 camera takes you back to the ‘90s and earlier. Finished in MTV’s eye-popping red, yellow, and blue original color palette and logo, this stereophonic icon will have you longing for simpler times: when a mixtape could make you fall in love, and everybody saw the world through an instant camera.

Peppermint Park is located on the lower level. | For more information, call 305-690-7905.



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