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Dining Delights Await at Treats Food Hall

Step into Treats Food Hall and embark on a gastronomic voyage that spans the globe. Situated within the bustling ambiance of Aventura Mall, this dining haven offers an eclectic blend of cuisines, each telling its own unique story. From the aromatic spices of the Mediterranean to the hearty flavors of Italy to the zest of Mexico and elegance of France, Treats Food Hall presents a dynamic dining experience designed with fellow foodies in mind.

And just when you thought this culinary journey couldn’t get more exciting, whispers fill the air about two upcoming additions: Altalena and Doggi’s Arepa Bar. These newcomers promise to further elevate and diversify the tantalizing offerings at Treats Food Hall. So, tighten your apron, food lovers, and let’s embark on a culinary adventure that promises an explosion of flavors and cultures.

Tacology Express

Tacology Express

Shift gears and delve into the essence of Mexico at Tacology Express. Every bite is a fiesta, especially when you indulge in their mouthwatering Carnitas Tacos, zesty Guacamole, and tantalizing Torta De Milanesa. Awaken your senses even more with a refreshing Consome De Pollo or enjoy the sugary delight of Churros and Tres Leches. Each offering at Tacology Express is a burst of authentic Mexican passion, carefully crafted for your palate.

Yalla Motek

Yalla Motek

This eatery will entice you with an experience that reverberates with the spirit of the Mediterranean coast. Don’t leave without indulging in their savory Falafel, authentic Hummus and Tahini, and a classic Shawarma that’ll make you dream of Mediterranean shores. Embrace the aromatics with a rich and soul-satisfying YALLA Fries (be fair warned…they’re spicy!) or the earthy Veggie Quinoa. The bowls, which can be enhanced with crispy chicken, veggies, or lamb, ensure an unforgettable sojourn with every bite. We highly recommend planning for dessert, as the vegan Malabi Panacotta is out of this world. For a lighter finish, try the Mint Lemonade or house-made Iced Tea.



Embrace the earth’s freshness at this haven for health-conscious individuals, offering meals that nourish the body and delight your tastebuds. Popular items like the Chipotle Chicken Wrap, Sunny Salmon Wrap, and PC Acai Bowl are a testament to the art of healthy, flavorful cooking. Don’t miss out on their oh-so-satisfying and unbelievably refreshing cold-pressed juices and Probiotic Frozen Yogurt. Need we say more? Each item here is a harmonious blend of wellness and indulgence, tailored for the modern health enthusiast.

Shake shack

Shake Shack

Need a bite of the Big Apple? Shake Shack transports you straight to the heart of the city, which is where this beloved fast-casual treatery originated–as a hot dog stand in Madison Square Park! Now you know. Renowned for its epicurean burgers and shakes, it’s a beacon for comfort food lovers. Sink your teeth into a classic ShackBurger, delight in the crispy Chick’n Shack or new Veggie Shack, and sip on a rich and creamy hand-spun shake. But this eatery isn’t just about burgers… Their Crinkle-Cut Fries, especially when laden with spicy ranch sauce and melty cheese or enhanced with the new White Truffle Oil are addictive. And yes, we say this from personal experience. For those with a sweet tooth, the range of frozen custards, including new dairy-free options, offers creamy goodness that will really sweeten your mood.

YIP at Aventura Mall


As you check out Treats Food Hall, the allure of Asian cuisine beckons. Lovingly known as “Miami’s Dumpling Shop, YIP offers a sublime blend of traditional and modern bites. The classic Xiǎo Lóng Bāo (soup dumplings), the crispy Veggie Spring Rolls, and the comforting Cha Siu Bao buns filled with kitchen-roasted port will warm your heart and satisfy your cravings. Each plate, aroma, and delicious mouthful represents a little piece of pleasure. And with YIP’s impending expansion within the food hall, there’s much more to look forward to!



Start your culinary expedition with a fresh twist on the Jamaican food scene and merge beloved traditional flavors with a hint of contemporary zest. This eatery boasts favorites like jerk chicken, sweet scotch bonnet cauliflower, and pineapple-glazed plantains. For those leaning towards plant-based options, their vegan “meat” infused with island herbs and the comforting Jamaican rice & peas are sure to be a hit. And yes, for those who love a kick, the dishes bring the genuine Jamaican heat! Chef Wayne Sharpe’s vibrant counter, enveloped in the heavenly aroma of spices, draws a crowd eager for his iconic jerk chicken, oxtail, curry, and pepper steak. And if your taste buds are seeking a sweet note, give the jerk BBQ sauce a whirl. But Jrk! isn’t just about the food. The lively ambiance, underscored by rhythmic Jamaican tunes, often has the team moving to the beat, encouraging you to soak in not just the flavors but the mood. Uncomplicated, lively, and authentically Jamaican, Jrk! promises an uplifting experience for everyone!

Little Brittany

Little Brittany Creperie

Voyaging to the quaint streets of Brittany, France, this creperie delivers the authentic charm of this picturesque region…without having to leave the mall. Indulge in their savory Chicken Carbonara or Prosciutto, Brie and Coppa Crepes or opt for sweet crepes oozing with fillings like Nutella or cinnamon-spiced apples and pears. Don’t forget the array of delectable pastries that will be calling your name, too! Whatever you order, we can all but guarantee each bite will be like taking a mini French vacation.



At this soon-to-open eatery, tradition intertwines with modernity, invoking the delightful nostalgia of swinging back and forth through cherished memories. This modern café exudes classic bakery charm, evoking both delight and joy. You can soon immerse yourself in the culinary artistry of the iconic croissant, reconceptualized into a luxuriously layered open-face sandwich. Prioritizing freshness and quality, this bakery sources only the finest ingredients, ensuring a taste that’s unparalleled in every bite. Dive deep into the repertoire of base breads, including focaccias, brioche, and challah, each expertly fashioned into signature sandwiches. These masterpieces are designed to delight even the most discerning of palates. Complement your choice with a curated selection of soups and salads, each a testament to Altalena’s commitment to excellence.

Doggi's Arepa Bar

Doggi’s Arepa Bar

Embark on a Venezuelan adventure you won’t want to miss. From its humble beginnings, this eatery promises an authentic experience with home-cooked style dishes. Eager palates await the Arepa Santa Bárbara, enticing Pepito Mixto, and the traditional Desayuno Criollo. Venture deeper into their menu, and the Cachapas or the crispy Tequeños will not disappoint. Each item at Doggi’s is a tribute to Venezuela’s rich flavors and hearty culinary tradition.

As we eagerly await the introduction of Altalena and Doggi’s Arepa Bar, our variety of delightful dining destinations is only set to grow richer. And this is just a taste of the options at Treats Food Hall! Other eateries include Chipotle Mexican Grill, Villa Italian Kitchen, Häagen-Dazs, Three Woks, Ladyfingrs, Margus Empanadas, and Auntie Anne’s.

So why wait? Step into the pulsating heart of Treats Food Hall, where every dish is an invitation to adventure. Experience a mosaic of flavors, and perhaps, find your next favorite dish. After all, every visit offers a new opportunity to discover something new. See you at the table!

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