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Hermès’ Serene Summer Style

Hermès’ Serene Summer Style

Recent sartorial chatter has zoned in on quiet luxury, an embrace of thoughtful shopping, and true investment pieces, in no small part thanks to TV shows around billionaire sagas, logo rebellion and movement’s doyenne Gwyneth Paltrow. But long before stealth wealth became a thing, Hermès was quiet at work churning out looks and pieces that withstood the test of time and all gaudy trends.

Playing well into the hands of trendsetters and tastemakers, Hermès delivered a laid-back, modest version of its DNA for the spring/summer of 2024, eschewing overt opulence for a subtler, more wearable aesthetic. In doing so, Hermès acknowledged its status as the epitome of quiet luxury, which, no doubt, will be lauded by fashion lovers, who prefer to wear the clothes, not allow the clothes to wear them. Véronique Nichanian, the brand’s Creative Director, has again demonstrated her exceptional ability to balance delicacy and elegance with substance and sophistication.

Imbued with the delicate charm of a summer breeze, the collection serves as an ode to the weightless daylight of summer and the architectural fluidity of clothing that embodies freedom and summer chill. The showcased pieces are an invitation to bask in a carefree attitude delivered in a signature Hermès style, which, this time, was executed in a mineral palette of desert, steam, ice and sage.

The collection is eclectic, from jackets that flirt with minimalistic elegance to shorts that speak of casual sophistication. Adding to the diversity of choices are slim-cut trousers, trench coats that play with length, and tunics that herald summer adventures. Not to be overlooked are the beach blazers—featuring technical fabric enriched with parasol stripes—that deliver big on comfort and style.

Standout pieces from the collection include a tank top in “tracing paper” fabric, which exudes a sense of ethereal beauty. Paired with trousers in cotton and sandals with notched soles, this look embodies effortless sophistication. Another notable ensemble features a loose-fitting shirt in “tracing paper” fabric with a Della Cavalleria print, exuding artistic flair and creativity.

Not one to shy from bold accessories, men’s looks were accessorized with myriad options. Mousqueton bucket bags, Cordage tote bags and waist bags combined exquisite craftsmanship with functionality, crafted from luxurious materials such as Evercalf, Swift calfskin and Clémence bull calf. Reversible bucket hats in Toilovent added a touch of playfulness to any summer ensemble. The jewelry selection featured timeless pieces, including Chaîne d’ancre necklaces in rose gold and spinels, Chaîne d’ancre Danaé long necklaces in yellow gold and rings and ear jewelry in titanium, adding a touch of elegance to every look.

While we patiently wait to get our hands on these looks, you can visit the Hermès boutique on the Lower Level at Aventura Mall. 

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