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The Coachie Crew Is Here, And We Couldn’t Be More Obsessed

Coach crew handbags at aventura mall

Handbags with character? Put us in, Coach!

Sparkie, Winkie, Groovie, Dreamie, and Sweetie aren’t just your next favorite accessories; they’re larger-than-life personalities. As the stars of Coach’s new, limited-edition fall collection, these playfully chic “Coachies” are a feel-good blend of sweet, sassy, and thoughtfully made.

Each piece features a set of animated eyes and colorful detailing against a vibrant backdrop, and is accessorized with turn locks, tassels, zipper tabs, charms and creative accents that give the appearance of hands and legs. Better yet, the bags are crafted of the fashion house’s buttery soft glove-tanned leather and environmentally conscious Signature Textile Jacquard, made from a blend of organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles.

These good-humored characters are excited to go home with you, but be warned – they really like to steal the limelight!

Allow us to introduce the eccentric Coachie crew:

Coach crew handbag at aventura mall

Spotlight on Sparkie: The (self-nominated) leader of the pack. Brimming with relentlessly positive, Type-A, theater-kid energy. Bravo.

Coach crew handbags at aventura mall

Vibe with Groovie: Sees things differently (thanks, in part, to those far-out shades). Spaced-out, consciousness-expanded, always unfazed. (left)

Meet Sweetie: Hear those squeaks, yips and frantic jingling? Sweetie’s probably trying to tell us something. (right)

Coach crew handbags at aventura mall

Introducing Dreamie: World-weary, slightly sarcastic and beautifully blasé. (pictured left)

Get to know Winkie: Chaotic good—the flirty and flighty practical joker who keeps everyone guessing. (right)

Ready to meet your bag buddies? Shop the new Coachies collection at the Aventura Mall Coach store, located on the Lower Level. For more information, call 305-935-7549.

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