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Culture. Style. Taste.

Enjoy International Delicacies at The Aventura Market

Miami is rich with multicultural history and heritage, and there’s no better way to celebrate this diversity than through cuisine! At The Aventura Market, our vendors offer gourmet treats and delectable dishes from around the world, all with the freshest and most authentic ingredients. Here are a few to try when you stop by this weekend.

The Ceviche and Guacamole House – Ceviche

A popular Peruvian dish – and a bona-fide Miami staple – ceviche is as refreshing as it is filling. Give it a try at the Ceviche and Guacamole house! With fresh sweet potatoes, citrus juices and mouthwatering seafood, you’ll feel satisfied and invigorated.

Mediterranean Delights – Kibbeh

It’s hard to pass Mediterranean Delights without stopping to enjoy the aroma. Similar to a falafel in texture, kibbeh is a popular middle eastern staple made with ground meat and grain infused with flavorful spice.

Best from Italy – Principe Pignatelli White Truffle Oil

For a plate of warm comfort food that will have you yearning for the Tuscan sun, try Best From Italy’s artisanal Principe Pignatelli white truffle oil in the kitchen. The oil pairs perfectly with raviolis and mushroom risotto. This flavorful yet simple dish is often used in Neapolitan cuisine.

Bolivian Groove — Saltenas

Well-known for its homemade South American staples, Bolivian Groove crafts fresh pastries worth savoring. Pick up a box of salteñas, a delicious baked empanada. While you’re at it, try Bolivian Groove’s popular cheese rolls and pucas.

Margus Empanadas – Empanadas

Light and flaky with a variety of fillings, these treats from Margus Empanadas are made Argentinian style and packed with flavor. Grab one (or four) on the go for a filling snack to fuel your day.

Gerbaud Bakery + Juices – Beigli

Gerbaud Bakery + Juices creates one-of a kind refreshments and delicious pastries, like the beigli. This traditional Hungarian roll is filled with walnuts and can be found throughout Europe.

Chicha Criolla – Chicha Criolla

Need a refreshing drink to wash down your Beigli? Chicha Criolla’s Chicha Criolla is a traditional Venezuelan beverage made with sweet rice milk and cinnamon. One sip, and you’ll be hooked!

Ciabella Bakery – Olive Tapenade

Known for its fresh, homemade breads, Ciabella Bakery also creates versatile spreads with fresh, diverse flavors. The Olive Tapenade, for instance, can be served on bread, as a salad topper, or as a vegetable dip.

To experience these vendors and many others, visit Aventura Market, which is open every Saturday and Sunday during mall hours throughout the Lower Level.


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