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Fill Your Wardrobe with Cool “New Classics” from Kaia X Zara

Supermodel Kaia Gerber

Supermodel Kaia Gerber is one of the decade’s top fashion and beauty icons, with her effortlessly full brows and runway-ready street style. Luckily, it just became a whole lot easier to achieve Gerber’s minimalist and timelessly cool look thanks to her latest collaboration with Zara. The Kaia x Zara collection is full of fall staples, perfect for layering and pairing to create an eclectic blend of 1990s and 2000s influences.

“My starting point for this collaboration with Zara was to ask if it is possible to do a collection that has everything you would ever need in your closet. If you were traveling and packed an entire collection, could it cover every possible need that you had? I think we’ve achieved that.” Gerber said of the collection.

Kaia x Zara features more than 30 pieces, including garments, shoes, and accessories. The all-encompassing wardrobe of ‘new classics’ is comprised of timeless silhouettes and key pieces reimagined to fit the customer of the now.

Gerber drew inspiration from style codes of the 1990s – the golden era of her supermodel mom Cindy Crawford – to create an assemblage of contemporary basics in grey, navy, white, black, and camel hues. The collection toys with the idea of ‘prettiness’ for the 21st century and seeks to provide revealing pieces without sacrificing comfort.

Subtle sensuality is a recurring theme throughout the collection. An oversized men’s white shirt opens completely at the back, exposing the body from the nape to the bottom of the back. This classic piece evokes the tomboy spirit for which Gerber is so well known while suggesting an alluring, feminine touch.

Combining delicate pieces with oversized, industrial accents is cutting-edge in the fashion realm. Gerber’s collection with Zara successfully emulates this movement, promoting a line of fundamental pieces designed for everyone.

“I wasn’t just thinking about myself when designing. I was thinking about my mom, my friends and everyone I see around me. My style is pulled from a lot of different places, and I didn’t want to design something that excludes anyone.” Gerber added.

Ready to achieve model behavior? Kaia x Zara is now available at Aventura Mall.

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