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Läderach’s Sweet Debut

If you’re looking for a sweet spot to satisfy your sweet tooth, look no further than Swiss chocolatier, Läderach, which is now open on the Upper Level. Delivering the ultimate fresh chocolate experience, the boutique is choc full of decadent treats that rival those from Willy Wonka’s own factory. The Läderach store features more than 85 varieties of fresh, artisanal chocolate directly from Switzerland – all of which are intended to be experienced with all five senses.

Among the store’s highlights is the dedicated FrischSchoggi™ (fresh chocolate) counter, where chocolate lovers (yes, we’re looking at you!) can get up close and personal with multiple varieties of the brand’s iconic, hand-broken chocolate bark. And because Läderach controls its entire production and distribution channel, the company’s product freshness is second-to-none.

But wait, it gets even better…World Chocolate Master Elias Läderach is at the helm of the company’s production and innovation, so it should come as no surprise that all Läderach chocolate is made bean-to-bar in-house, finished by hand, and brought directly to its stores worldwide.

“As society reopens, the demand for finding sweet moments of everyday enjoyment and unique gifting ideas is on the rise, and we are thrilled to help be that solution with our new Läderach chocolate stores in South Florida,” said Nathanael Hausmann, president, Läderach North America.

Läderach produces over 100 varieties of chocolates, including over 20 varieties of FrischSchoggi™ (extra-large tablets of fresh chocolate), more than 50 different pralines and truffles, dozens of confectionery specialties, airy MiniMousses, and a large selection of seasonal creations. Need we say more? (Yes, yes we do…)

Entering a Läderach store is truly a sensory experience, and Elias Läderach himself wants you to be prepared. After taking a bite out of his “5 Senses Guide” below, you’ll be an honorary World Chocolate master ready to confidently pick out your favorite confections. Let the masterclass begin!


Start out by taking a moment to look at your chocolate. What color is it? What does the texture look like? Fun fact: you can discern the quality of chocolate from its finish! It should have a silky matte gloss. If chocolate is warmed and cooled in a particular way during production, fat crystals in the cocoa are created, which lends it a unique shine. If you do not want to enjoy your Läderach chocolate right away – which we find hard to imagine – it should be kept dry and stored at a temperature of around 65°F/18°C away from direct heat or sun in order to retain its quality and freshness.


When touching the chocolate, pay attention to how it feels – is it hard or soft? Does it melt right away in your hand? High-quality chocolate gets its texture and finish from the combination of finely ground cocoa, the perfect amounts of cocoa butter and sugar, and the right conching time. All of these factors together result in a smooth, velvety texture – like the texture of Läderach tablets (chocolate bars).


High-quality chocolate has an incredibly complex bouquet. Since Läderach chocolate is so fresh, it has a particularly rich, delicious aroma. White chocolate is mainly characterized by notes of vanilla and milk, whereas milk chocolate will have an aroma of cocoa beans. Läderach’s Grand Cru chocolate tablets will smell more distinctly of roasted cocoa notes, while the blonde tablets feature the warm, enticing scent of caramel.


Hold a piece of chocolate up to your ear and break it. You should hear a short, clear snap. This means the chocolate was perfectly tempered. When chocolate is heated and cooled at just the right temperatures, this gives the cocoa butter the proper hardness. Pro tip: milk chocolate has a quieter snap than dark chocolate because the milk fat makes it softer. Grab a piece and try it for yourself!


Now you have arrived at what is arguably the most important aspect: taste. And when it comes to the taste and texture of chocolate, the quality of the raw materials is key. It is the combination of these ingredients that lend chocolate its unique and distinctive flavor.

Put a piece of chocolate in your mouth and let it melt on your tongue. It should not melt too quickly or too slowly, and it should not be gritty or have an oily aftertaste. Läderach chocolate’s fine, uniform texture allows all of the complex flavors and aromas to unfold so you can enjoy a uniquely delicious experience.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably experiencing major chocolate cravings right now… so head to Läderach ASAP for an extra serving of sweetness. Go on – you deserve it!

For more information, call 305-935-1110.

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