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Art Meets Style: The Amiri Pop-Up at Aventura Mall

Amiri store - aventura mall

Step into the heart of Aventura Mall’s Luxury Court and discover the stylish world of the Amiri pop-up. Here, shopping becomes an experience, offering a curated array of Amiri’s latest ready-to-wear fashion and accessories.

Showcasing celebrated pieces like the micro M.A. Paisley Work Jacket, Eden Rock Blouson, Amiri Gradient Kick Flare Pant, Vintage Tiger Tee, Leather Bandana Shirt, Cheetah Silk Shirt, and the Crystal Embellished MA hoodie, there’s something for everyone. And don’t miss the selection of footwear, handbags, and the iconic Amiri headwear.

Amiri models

The space itself, stretching over 300 square feet, is a testament to minimalist luxury. Crafted from sawn white oak and highlighted by rectangular cut-out details with steel trim, every corner of the pop-up sings a song of sophisticated design. Elements like the carpeted checkerboard floor and the MA motif on the roof pull you into a world where Miami’s vibrant style meets contemporary artistry.

But beyond the tangible, the spirit of Amiri waits to be discovered. This globally renowned brand beautifully interlaces the relaxed vibes of L.A. with artisanal craftsmanship. Its signature reworked denim, along with a unique approach to streetwear and tailoring, sets it apart.

At the brand’s core is Mike Amiri. Hailing from L.A., he infuses each piece with the authentic energy of rock ‘n’ roll, reminiscent of his Californian days. The essence of his Iranian-American heritage is also evident, from the neutral-toned backpacks to the detailed patchwork denim cap, all adorned with the brand’s signature MA embroidery.

In a nutshell, the Amiri pop-up is a fusion of Californian charm and high-end craftsmanship, right here in Miami. If you’re on the hunt for a blend of West Coast cool and elevated Miami fashion, the Amiri pop-up at Aventura Mall is a must-visit.

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