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Aventura Mall Keeps it Clean and Cool with Aesop

Aesop store - Miami - aventura mall

Clean beauty fans, rejoice! Aesop, the marque synonymous with fresh and mindful lifestyle has opened its doors at Aventura Mall. Established in Melbourne in 1987, and named after the Greek fabulist and storyteller, the brand’s objective has always been to formulate products of the finest quality. The subjects of its purpose include skin, body, and hair care, as well as fragrance and accessories for self and space. In order to source just the right kind of components, Aesop investigates a wide range of plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients, using only those with a proven record of safety and efficacy. Renowned for its lingering herbal scents, the Aesop range has become an arbiter of not only good taste but also a stamp approval of high consumer consciousness.

Aesop Store Miami

Having started with just four products at the beginning of its story, Aesop’s range now comprises over 100, with allegedly one Parsley Seed Antioxidant Serum sold every nine minutes. Not to mention, its cult status is cemented with the ‘handwash and hand balm’ duo readily available at the coolest restaurant and lounge lavatories worldwide. Unlike other brands, Aesop’s product development is not exasperated by the drive to overwhelm the markets with newness. Rather, its deliberate release plan rests on innovation and development and not a rush to proliferation. Not surprisingly, Aesop’s latest foray has been into fragrance. Partnering with renowned perfumers Barnabé Fillion and Céline Barel, the brand has created a line of fragrances designed to intrigue. And they sure do.

Aesop Store

As for the new shop, the signature Aesop aesthetic of chic utilitarianism continues across all its boutiques, including the one at Aventura Mall. Designed by ANDstudio, it’s a crash course in the brand’s tranquil visual identity that takes its cues from vintage apothecaries and upscale spas, often using reclaimed materials that infuse the spaces with a sense of the familiar. Wooded shelving, basins and the central volume adopt to the space referencing the crisp and natural aesthetic of South Florida tropics.

Stop by to see the new shop and the range of its products located on the Upper Level.

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