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Shimmer with Edge in Zadig & Voltaire’s Holiday Collection

Zadig & Voltaire

Just in time for winter wonderland and all your holiday dressing needs, Zadig & Voltaire’s latest collection delivers big on enchantment with and edge.

No surprises, the brand reached into its usual bag of tricks of sparkle and streetwear where the sequin dresses mix with high top sneakers and knits, t-shirts and leather pieces get polished with thoughtful details. The interplay between delicate, silky materials and bold elements like sequins and wrinkled leathers creates Zadig & Voltaire’s signature balance between femininity and modernity.

This season the color play includes the juxtaposition of pale pink, lavenders and deep black in slinky dresses alongside glittering designs that evokes nights out in wintery Paris, that completely make sartorial sense for South Florida this season.

No man is left behind, and this winter Zadig & Voltaire’s men’s collection features the combination of grey knits, black denim and leather ensembles that convey a confident yet casual vibe, blending style and ease effortlessly.

Each item in the collection tells a unique story while celebrating individuality and the season’s spirit. According to Zadig & Voltaire, this release is a tribute to all those who have the courage to stand out and wear their decisions with pride. Shop the collection at Zadig & Voltaire, located on the Lower Level.

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