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As if we weren’t already obsessed with Chanel’s iconic nail colours and Rouge Allure Lipstick, the legendary brand is launching a new chapter of beauty. Infused with Coco Chanel’s favorite flower, the camellia, the new N°1 DE CHANEL clean beauty collection is bringing luxurious, protective, and age-defying skincare, makeup, and fragrance to our counters.

Drawing on more than 10 years of research on the camellia plant, a flower Mademoiselle Chanel admired for its strength and beauty, N°1 de Chanel features a collection of anti-aging products that are meant to protect the skin from aggressors caused by stress, ultraviolet rays, and pollution. Better yet: they’re gorgeous (could you expect anything less from Chanel?)

Each product in the collection was thoughtfully developed to reduce the five signs of aging: Lines, wrinkles, pore visibility, loss of elasticity, lack of comfort, and radiance. The full range also features refillable and recyclable packaging, which aims to reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions by half.



First things first: Protect your canvas. The N°1 DE CHANEL skincare line features a range of products, from a powder-to-foam cleanser and lotion to an eye-cream, serum-in-mist and more. However, the dynamic duo is sure to be the Serum N°1 DE CHANEL and Cream N°1 DE CHANEL, both of which are concentrated with red camellia extract. Results: Skin immediately feels protected from pollution and looks more beautiful day after day.


Enriched with red camellia oil and moisturizing agents, the Foundation N°1 DE CHANEL – available in 20 shared and allowing for buildable coverage – protects skin from environmental aggressors and keeps it looking youthful. Its fluid texture blends seamlessly with the skin and offers a luminous satin finish, so skin looks smoother and more visibly radiant.

And talk about a kiss of approval: the multi-use Red Camellia Revitalizing Lip and Cheek balm offers concentrated, silky hydration and comfort (and who doesn’t love a two-in-one beauty product?) Its non-oily formula melts onto the skin, plumping the lips and cheeks and enhancing their color.

To wrap up your N°1 DE CHANEL beauty routine, spritz on the L’eau Rouge Revitalizing Fragrance Mist. While the camellia is an odorless flower, perfumer Olivier Polge used it as the base for this fragrance, combining it with jasmine, orange blossom, rose floral facets, and sparkling red fruit notes.

Chanel Beauty is located on the Upper Level. For more information, call 305-933-7155.

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