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Philipp Plein’s Plein Sport
Kicks Into High Gear

Philipp Plein’s Plein Sport Kick in High Gear

Last summer Philipp Plein launched his Plein Sport brand at the Milan Fashion Week that saw 6,000 people come to celebrate the brand synonymous with the idea that “more is more.” The designer surprised his guests with a party inside an abandoned industrial complex, filled with a customized Formula 1 truck, screens projecting 3D images of his NFT monsters, inflatables and even a drop tower. But distractions aside, the point of the evening was to celebrate the launch of a division that offers sportswear and active gear with high-performance qualities sans the signature embellishments and insignia that have come to define the Plein look. Plein Sport harnesses the power of digital and physical and put an emphasis on sneakers, each coming with a complimentary NFT and a video screen-equipped box.

Philipp Plein’s Plein Sport Kick in High Gear

“This is not a luxury brand, this is a sportswear brand and obviously it will compete with all the sportswear brands in the market,” Plein said at the event. “Even though it has a different positioning [compared to them], the price point is completely different than Plein’s,” he added.

The offering includes tracksuits splashed with the brand’s logos, a tiger and a scratch, metallic puffer jackets and yoga sets, basketball shorts and T-shirts spelling Plein Sport. Sneakers in the collection are often chunky, cushioned and embellished with metallic details. “All the new collection of Plein Sport, which is obviously a technical product, are really made for sport.…we say put on your tigers and run,” Plein explained.

Philipp Plein’s Plein Sport Kick in High Gear

“Plein Sport is one of my biggest projects,” noted Philipp Plein and we are excited to see what is to come. The Plein Sport line is anticipated to launch this year and until then, you can shop Plein’s iconic couture fashion, shoes, leather goods, and accessories at his store located on the Lower Level. For more of Plein’s couture work stop by his store located on the Lower Level.

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