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PINKO Celebrates Iconic Glamour of the ‘90s

Pink Aventura Mall

Contemporary Italian fashion brand PINKO is now open at Aventura Mall, and just in time to celebrate its late-20th Century roots with a collection that centers fellow Bel Paese product, model/actress Maria Boscono.

Pinko at Aventura Mall

For its Spring/Summer 2024 Campaign, PINKO is reaching back to its glamorous, iconic, and most recognizable form: the wild 1990s, a decade that shaped fashion as we know it, and even today is an ever-present imprint on what we wear.

A pure white background, designer chairs and space just for her, the unique Boscono – born in Italy and raised all over the world – delivers as one of the quintessential fashion icons of a period that inspires us all. Photographed here by Pablo Di Prima, she is the embodiment of a PINKO lady: confident, enterprising, sexy, and irresistible.

Pink models

The original styling by Lorenzo Posocco, who also serves as the Creative Director of the SS24 Campaign, brings the new PINKO collection’s statement pieces together: mesh-effect knitwear paired with understated visible bikinis, jeans, vests and bras with rodeo-style inlays and metal piercings, denim maxi skirts with deep slits, and constructed leather blazers.

Dynamic styles that, while casual and urban, exude feminine glamour… just like fashion in the Nineties. In a remarkably clean snap, Mariacarla Boscono’s charisma stands out, flanked by Love Bags in their best-loved and most established shapes: the Click, the large Puff and the must-have Click Puff complete with metal Love Birds Diamond Cut buckle and lined with the same material used to make the bag for an iconic, signature optical effect.

Pink models

PINKO’s bold, sensual, and exciting style goes hand in hand with Boscono’s magnetic personality and natural glamour, revealing some surprising common traits: a deep passion for aesthetic freedom and a natural flair for doing things in a totally individual and provocative way, without following anyone else, breaking rules and inventing new ones without fearing the judgement of others.

Those stylistic traits and passions are on display at Aventura Mall, where the chic shop now carries all of these looks and more.

Pinko store

PINKO joins the collection of international fashion brands at Aventura Mall and is now open on the Lower Level.

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