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The Omakase Experience at Mākino

Makino Aventura Mall

When you step through the doors of Mākino Ya Sushi Bar, you will feel like you’re entering Head Chef Yasu’s kitchen and joining him for an intimate meal in his home. Unlike other sushi spots around town, Mākino practices a unique style of dining where your chef is also your waiter. This creates a highly personalized and elevated dining experience that allows your chef/waiter to walk you through Chef Yasu’s one-of-a-kind omakase menu, which highlights flavors from his childhood in Wakayama, Japan.

Makino Aventura Mall

At the core of any great omakase bar, there is a desire to develop and provide a truly extraordinary dining experience. At Mākino, the courses are constructed around seasonal produce, utilizing only the freshest and most delectable high-quality ingredients available on the market. Similar to Mākino’s traditionally modernized atmosphere, each dish is composed to ensure a bold yet simplistic culinary adventure.

The sheltered, outdoor sushi bar seats just 14 guests at its high-top counter, making the experience even more exclusive, and reservations are highly recommended! Those who have had the pleasure of dining at Mākino refer to Chef Yasu as a legend and tout the casual yet intimate destination as a hidden gem within Aventura Mall. Every dining experience is slightly different based on the range of chef-recommended omakase-curated dishes, many of which are prepared right in front of you.

When navigating the menu, you will be advised to start with a range of cold appetizers like King Crab with black truffle butter and lemon before moving on to oysters, or even oysters with caviar. The Hamachi Sour Plum salad is not to be missed, as the flavors of Yellowtail, arugula, red onion, tomato, dehydrated apple, and sour plum dressing collide in perfect harmony to underscore the tart yet delicate flavors of this colorful dish.

Whether you opt for a selection of Yasu Specialty Nigiri, such as the torched scallop with Japanese Uni, or go for single-piece Handrolls like the Toro Uni with Japanese sea urchin, one thing is clear: you will have an unforgettable meal here.

Makino Aventura Mall

Other standouts include the intimately crafted bar menu featuring an out-of-this-world Caviar Service, complete with Marky’s Caviar and authentically made Russian blinis, all accompanied by chopped chives. Another fan favorite, The Simple Trio presents delicate pieces of Hamachi (yellowtail), Akami (Bluefin Tuna), and Sake (salmon) decorated with bright-green lime wedges for an added pop of contrast against the beautiful orange, deep red, and delicate pink slices of fresh fish served over ice.

End your meal on a sweet note with the soul-pleasing Chocolate Lava Cake with strawberries and créme fraiche, a classic Swiss Apple Tart, or an assortment of Tropical Fruit, including jackfruit, lychee, and nata de coco.

A visit to Mākino Ya Sushi Bar is sure to leave you feeling satisfied and eager to return for another unforgettable dining experience sooner than you realize!

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