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MCM x Crocs Unveil Iconic Collab with Megastar Lindsay Lohan

MCM Model

Ready to step up your fashion game? Good…because we’re bringing the sands of Dubai right to our Miami shores with an iconic collaboration: the MCM x Crocs Mega Crush Clog. And gracing this spectacular campaign? The ever-radiant Lindsay Lohan, who elegantly bridges the worlds of luxury and comfort. Can she get any more perfect? We don’t think so!

The campaign, beautifully staged against the modern skyscrapers of Dubai, offers a cultural commentary on the blending of heritage and futurism. The ethereal backdrop serves not just as a visual treat but encapsulates the spirit of the collaboration – where the rich legacy of MCM’s travel-oriented luxury meets the playful adaptability of Crocs.

Merging MCM’s German luxury with Crocs’ renowned comfort has birthed a shoe set to top Miami’s fashion charts. Beyond just a footwear release, this is a manifestation of a global perspective, bringing together Miami’s vibrant energy and the world’s high-fashion sensibilities.

MCM Crocs

Diving into the features, the Mega Crush Clog isn’t just a looker but a bearer of innovation. It’s detailed with a reflective exterior, and its unique electrolyzed mirror platform is crowned with a distinctive oversized heel. Enhanced by MCM’s signature Visetos strap that’s embellished with stark studs, it’s the very epitome of style meeting substance.

Capturing the essence of Miami, its adaptability stands out. Whether you’re brunching right here at the best mall in Miami, dancing the night away in Wynwood, or soaking up the sun on our sun-drenched beaches, this clog transitions seamlessly, and we’re here for it!

MCM Gold Crocs

For those who cherish a personal touch, this clog also offers sweet customization options. Infuse your persona with MCM’s mini-belt bag and fresh Jibbitz™ charms, making every pair distinctively yours.

Visit our MCM store and make the Mega Crush Clog your own. Because in Miami, where every day is a blend of sunshine and statement style, this is your ticket to stand out!

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