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Culture. Style. Taste.

If 2021 was a year of reemergence, 2022 is the year for reinvention. Coming out of lockdowns and embracing a new reality of living behind masks, fashion became a powerful way to make a statement and showcase our personalities. We wore bold colors and big boots, redefined casualwear, and reinstated vibrant trends.

Many of us in Generation Z are just starting to build our own personal styles and become aware of the statements we make with what we wear. With help from Ariel Swedroe, a Miami-native and Gen-Z designer, we’ve outlined the trends we can expect to see more of this year:

The bold colors and textures that dominated last year are here to stay. With the ongoing pandemic still looming, we are craving vivid, eye-catching pieces and colorful prints – the perfect vehicles to capture the fantastical escape many of us desire. “It takes a lot of confidence to wear bold colors and loud prints…but I think people are becoming more confident and comfortable with it,” said 18-year-old Ariel Swerdoe. “Recently, we are seeing all these bold colors and printed styles coming back – just look at brands like Farm Rio and Mango.” Vibrant prints are being mixed and matched on clothes, statement shoes, and purses in what appears to be a grand experiment of color clashing.

Farm Rio

Leopards Jungle Cropped Jumpsuit

Tom Ford

Label Medium Floral-Print Satin Shoulder Bag

Scoth & Soda

Men Pleated Jacquard Loose Tapered-Fit Pants

Low-rise jeans, butterflies, and crop tops were everywhere last year. Y2K fashion has come roaring back to life, and this year, Swedroe said it’s all about low-rise – and not just jeans. Low-waisted pants will leave their mark on 2022. On the other hand, some styles are quite literally shrinking: Whether it was the return of the Prada Re-edition 2005 bag or Gucci’s Jackie O bag, another early 2000s trend that’s back and better than ever is the small shoulder bag. These make for the perfect mini statement pieces to channel your inner Britney. And crop tops? They’re here to stay.


Low-Rise Light Wash Boot Jeans


Jackie 1961 Bag


White Butterfly Crop Top

Knit sweaters, vests, dresses, and cardigans boomed this winter. However, thanks to South Florida’s nearly nonexistent winter weather, most Miamians have probably never heard of balaclavas. A balaclava, pictured below, is a ski-mask of sorts that exposes your face but keeps the rest of your head warm. This trendy headgear has entered high-fashion and is being styled beautifully with various winter outfits. “Balaclavas are everywhere in New York – they look cool and keep us warm,” says Swedroe, who attends Parsons School of Design in New York City. So, if you are planning on vacationing in a cold climate, a knit balaclava is a fashionable and functional must-have.

Marc Jacobs

Monogram Balaclava


Embroidered Knit Vest


Light Brown Plaid Crop Slim Cardigan

Working from home during the pandemic meant ditching traditional professional attire and mingling it with casualwear to elevate what we know as “business casual.” The blazer-layered-over-streetwear look is one we never knew we needed. This professional chic trend has also blurred the lines of traditionally gender-specific clothing. “I look in the menswear section to get a plaid button-down shirt that I can wear or even transform into a dress or a skirt…clothes don’t need to be gender-specific,” said Swedroe. Unisex clothing is a growing trend among many brands striving to eliminate gender-specific clothes and normalize the notion that anyone can where anything.

Ralph Lauren

Easy Care Striped Cotton Shirt


Light Blue Striped Shirt Dress

American Eagle

AE Clubhouse Cropped Shirt

But wait, there’s more trends staying in 2022, too: Chunky Loafers, Combat Boots, Monochromatic Outfits, Plaid Skirts and Cut-outs. For more information on our retailers, visit or call 305-935-1110.