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Treat Yourself to Healthy Eats at Treats Food Hall

Aventura Mall healthy restaurants

We’re lucky enough to live in a place with near-eternal sunshine and an endless array of things to fill all 24 hours of our days. And while all of these can’t-miss experiences greatly enrich our lives, they can throw off our routines and make it harder to eat healthy on the daily. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to find health-conscious eats right here at Aventura Mall, which offers some of Miami’s best restaurants and eateries. With an eclectic and notable cornucopia of fast-casual concepts and restaurants offering diverse cuisines, we have no doubt you’ll be able to find a delicious, health-forward meal to satisfy your palate at Treats Food Hall and beyond. We encourage you to explore each wing because our dining destinations just keep expanding!

Before diving into our recommendations, we also want to encourage you to practice mindful eating, another pillar of eating healthier. All it takes is activating your physical and emotional senses to really experience and enjoy the food choices you’re making. We’ll use Treats Food Hall as an example. First, take in your surroundings–the art installations, stylish communal seating, that fabulous rooftop terrace with oversized games, and abundant natural light all create an inviting atmosphere just begging you to settle in for a great meal. Next, notice how your meal looks and focus on how it tastes with each bite. And voila! It may just become the greatest meal of your day.

Now onto the really important details: where and what to eat:

Sproutz Aventura Mall

Sproutz is a healthy, fast-casual eatery that offers fresh, customizable meals catering to various nutritional and dietary needs. This month, the eatery recommends their 10-inch Classic Chipotle Chicken Wrap as a “healthy and satisfying lunch or dinner” option that’s “delicious and packed with protein,” making it a “total win-win.” It’s easy to see why! The wrap is made with tender pieces of chicken, hearty brown rice, black beans, flavor-packed chipotle sauce, melty jack cheese, and refreshing pico de gallo, all wrapped up in a baked tortilla. Thinking about going to another Sproutz location? Think again! Their 10-inch classic wraps are an Aventura Mall exclusive. While you’re at it, consider picking up some of their delicious homemade pumpkin soup and a “guilt-free” protein brownie for dinner!

Yalla Motek Aventura Mall

Yalla Motek is a brand-new concept from the creators of Motek Café, offering Mediterranean-style street food. The eatery is both health-conscious, vegan-friendly, taking great care in sourcing only the highest quality ingredients for your benefit. Transporting your tastebuds around the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Sabich is not only a healthy menu option but a cultural phenomenon taking over the street-food scene. “At Yalla, you can choose SABICH in a pita pocket, a rice bowl, or a hummus bowl.” This dish traditionally consists of crunchy fried eggplant, protein-packed hard-boiled eggs, chopped salad, and flavorful sprigs of parsley, and is finished with tangy amba and tahini sauce.


Tacology Express is the perfect spot for when you’re craving Mexican-style street food. The Chicken Al Pastor Tacos are a healthy and flavorful option featuring roasted chicken marinated in chile guajillo, providing lean protein and antioxidants. The tacos are garnished with white onion and cilantro, which offer vitamins and detoxifying properties. The inclusion of pineapple adds a tropical twist while contributing some vitamin C. Overall, the Chicken Al Pastor tacos are a nutritious option that combines delicious flavors with essential nutrients that are must try. You can count on this eatery to continue serving authentic, traditional, and tasty cuisine infused with the highest-quality local ingredients and a dash of Mexico’s vibrant and enchanting culture.


YIP’s dedication to using fresh, high-quality ingredients shines in their handcrafted dumplings. The Shrimp and Chive Steamed Dumplings, or Har Gao, not only tantalize your taste buds but also provide a nutritious combination of healthy greens and succulent shrimp. Enjoying dim sum with loved ones not only creates lasting memories but also promotes overall well-being through the shared joy of good food and meaningful connections.

JRK at Aventura Mall

JRK! is a fast-casual restaurant concept serving signature Jamaican bowls and sides with the tagline “real food done betta”! The Jerk Shrimp Bowl will transport your tastebuds to the islands with its fluffy rice, sweet peas, sweet and spicy Jerk shrimp, juicy pineapple mango salsa, pineapple plantains, jerk peppers and onions. No trip to JRK! is complete without several sides, which really bring your meal together. Order the chili-roasted broccoli for a true explosion of spice and a Jamaican patty, which is loaded with flavor and filled with spiced beef, jerk chicken or roasted veggies. The tender, flaky, and buttery dough is cooked to perfection and will bring a bit of that island sunshine to your table.

Are you hungry yet? If so, run, don’t walk to Treats Food Hall to satisfy whatever it is you’re now craving, or explore Aventura Mall’s multitude of dine-in restaurants. There’s always something new to discover and we’re happy to help you find it!

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