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Celebrating Culture and Creativity: The Window of Hope Unites Artisans at Aventura Mall

Celebrating Culture and Creativity: The Window of Hope Unites Artisans at Aventura Mall

Step into a world where vibrant culture intertwines with transformative narratives, where art, crafts, music, and traditions converge to shape an extraordinary platform – The Window of Hope. Aventura Mall proudly joins hands with this impactful group from September 1 through September 10, embarking on a journey that transcends borders and bridges hearts. Envisioned as more than just an exhibition, The Window of Hope breathes life into Haiti’s rich heritage, harnessing its creative spirit to craft an immersive tapestry of experiences. This unique partnership aims not only to showcase Haiti’s remarkable talent but also to rewrite its story, cultivating a renewed sense of hope and deep appreciation for a nation’s magnificent legacy.

Nestled within the bustling heart of Aventura Mall, The Window of Hope finds a seamless home alongside the thriving Farmer’s Market, where the community comes alive with local artisans’ creations. For over 25 years, Aventura Mall has supported local artisans through its Aventura Farmers Market. The largest indoor market in South Florida happening every weekend showcases the region’s diverse handmade goods, accessories, home décor and more. Through the “Window of Hope” exhibition, Aventura Mall is expanding its artisanal sector by creating a stage to represent the country’s creative hub.

As you wander through the Farmer’s Market’s array of handcrafted wonders and savor the mouthwatering culinary delights, the presence of The Window of Hope adds an intriguing layer to the experience, seamlessly blending the local and the global. This unique partnership invites you to embark on a cross-cultural journey, bridging worlds and kindling a shared appreciation for art, culture, and heritage that knows no boundaries.

Amidst this captivating collaboration, a tapestry of talent awaits, as the artisans of The Window of Hope prepare to unveil their masterpieces, each a testament to the rich heritage and creative ingenuity of Haiti.

Dominique Ambroise

Meet Dominique Ambroise, a Miami-based artist hailing from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Ambroise’s abstract paintings, brought to life using acrylic on canvas and wood panels, offer a mesmerizing blend of cultural heritage and artistic finesse. Drawing from her African and Haitian roots, her work delves into themes of pilgrimage, ritual, and the intriguing dance between sanity and chaos. With an enchanting touch, Ambroise’s creations blur the line between reality and fantasy, conjuring visions of entranced Mardi-Gras revelers and regal queen-like figures. Her art, showcased in galleries like Festival Arts, Haiti, and the African American Research Library & Cultural Center, Fort Lauderdale, captures the essence of her heritage. It’s a journey into a world where tradition meets imagination, inviting us to explore a realm where culture knows no bounds.

Magalie Noel Dresse

Enter the world of Magalie Noel Dresse, a visionary force driving change at the helm of Caribbean Craft. As both CEO and Founder, Magalie orchestrates a symphony where design, business, sustainability, and impact harmoniously converge. Armed with a background in industrial engineering, she has devoted two decades to the craft export sector, crafting her path as a relentless advocate for transforming Haiti’s business landscape. Magalie passionately champions the notion that social enterprise holds the key to bridging societal divides and empowering her nation’s workforce. Her fervent belief in reshaping the status quo fuels her infectious enthusiasm, while her astute eye for opportunity and remarkable ability to foster connections have earned her a well-deserved place as the driving force behind the Caribbean Craft brand.

Claudia Apaid

Meet Claudia Apaid, a Haitian American artist who weaves her creative tapestry with a blend of energy, spirituality, and nature’s symphony. Her artistic journey finds expression in an eclectic fusion of mixed media, beautifully entwined within handcrafted embroideries and intricate metal works, often in collaboration with artisans from around the globe. Claudia’s unique pieces come to life through the harmonious marriage of hand-stitched embroidery techniques, adorned with sequins, crystals, glass beads, precious stones, textiles, and metal elements. Aptly referred to as “vibrational pieces,” her art radiates with Reiki healing energy, meticulously imbued with a dedication to precision. Guided by the intricate repetitions and patterns found in the realms of nature and spirituality, Claudia explores and chronicles the very essence of existence and our profound connection to it. Armed with a degree in Design from Miami International’s University of Art & Design, Claudia Apaid’s creations have graced exhibitions both domestically and across international landscapes, leaving an indelible mark that bridges cultures and captures the essence of life’s boundless wonders.

Daphne Meyer

Meet Daphne Meyer, a dynamic artist born in Port-au-Prince. With a background spanning Graphic Arts from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and Visual Arts from the Université du Québec in Montréal, Daphne’s creativity knows no bounds. Her journey led her to sculpting and bronze casting workshops across France, infusing her work with a global essence. Through bold forms and vivid colors, Daphne’s art invites us into a world where imagination reigns supreme. Her pieces, inspired by the whimsical and the unreal, evoke emotional resonance rather than perfect logic, offering a delightful escape into a realm where vibrant shapes and hues paint stories that transcend understanding.

Gianni Acra

Gianni Acra, known as Le Vagabonds, is not just an artist but a visionary with a purpose. A Haitian-American artist rooted in Miami, he wields his creativity as a tool to illuminate paths to wisdom and truth. His art serves as a guide, unveiling a lifestyle of knowledge and positive action that triumphs over life’s myriad challenges, particularly those manifesting as mental and health struggles. Having faced these issues himself, Gianni emerged with a unique ability – the power to heal through his craft. His artworks, now cherished in collections across the United States, stand as more than mere pieces; they represent a bridge. With one foot in the developed world, he imparts wisdom and truth to his audience, while the other foot extends to his homeland, Haiti, fostering education and welfare through his creations. Gianni Acra, as Le Vagabonds, has transformed his own journey into a beacon of hope, uniting two worlds under the banner of enlightenment and compassion.


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Makeda, where every stroke resonates with an unparalleled vitality, brimming with raw emotion. Her pieces serve as portals to nature’s resplendent wonders, capturing its essence in breathtaking close-ups. Following the tumultuous earthquake of January 2010, Makeda’s art emerged as a profound source of healing, birthing a portfolio that not only dazzles with beauty but also delves into the depths of spiritual significance. Since her inaugural showcase, her artistic voice has reverberated across the global art landscape, leaving an indelible mark. Her creations have graced the esteemed halls of the Louvre in France, illuminated international art exhibitions in iconic cities like New York, Miami, London, India, Thailand, China, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, and Switzerland. Makeda’s artistic journey is one of unbridled expression and limitless ingenuity, propelling her to the forefront of the international art scene, where her brilliance shines brightly and her impact is felt worldwide.

Gunshot Nico

Meet “Gunshot” Nico, an artistic visionary whose sculptures and resin art breathe life into discarded materials, challenging conventions and repurposing scrap metal from old vehicles. His nickname, a reflection of his transformative journey from a violent past, now embodies the power of redemption through art. Acting as a conduit for inspiration, Nico’s creations resonate with ancestral spirits and his Haitian heritage, each piece a profound reflection of his unique artistic evolution. With bold experimentation, he recently embraced painting, unveiling abstract works that cement his status as a versatile and multidisciplinary artist with a captivating future ahead.


Meet Kiana, a gifted artist hailing from the vibrant tapestry of Haiti. From a tender age, Kiana’s innate connection with the world of art became evident, as she discovered her love for painting. Guided by the kaleidoscopic landscapes and cultural riches of her homeland, Kiana’s creative odyssey began with a paintbrush in hand and a heart yearning to communicate through her craft. Immersed in the lively streets and resilient spirits of Haiti, she found her muse amid the captivating beauty of everyday scenes. The human form takes center stage in Kiana’s works, where realism and abstraction entwine in a mesmerizing dance of bold strokes and vibrant hues. Each stroke tells a story, each color evokes emotions, as Kiana’s art unveils a captivating narrative that beckons us to explore the essence of life itself.

Experience The Window of Hope exhibition from September 1 through September 10 in Bloomingdale’s Court on the Lower Level. For more information call 305-935-1110 or visit

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