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How Banana Republic is Stepping Into Home Decor

Banana Republic home decor

In case you haven’t noticed, Banana Republic is shaking things up. Following its recent relaunch, the company founded in 1978 in San Francisco, has polished up its image, updated its merchandise options, and pushed up its attitude. And we are impressed. The online catalogs are a dreamy take on travel and an aspirational lifestyle with a good amount of chic savoir-faire to boot. Not to mention, the clothes are sexy, and wearable and mix well with any designer brands for the high-low vibe all the fashionistas are into.

On the fashion side, the makeover includes a relaunch of shoes and bags collection, which feature Italian-sourced leather and suede materials with signature design details threaded throughout. Banana Republic is also growing its cashmere investment to make up 30% of its assortment across men’s and women’s sweaters and has recently launched an online shop dedicated exclusively to cashmere.

Most notably, however, Banana Republic is making a major play for the home decor market. No doubt influenced by the trend to invest in interiors, the store at Aventura Mall is making room to accommodate the many new home items hitting the floor. Among the goods you will likely find ART, Curated by Banana Republic, an exclusive curated assortment of more than 350 prints and photographs that honor wildlife and the planet. “Banana Republic continues its evolution as a lifestyle brand with our new elevated collection of photographic and abstract works rooted in our heritage of travel and discovery,” said Sandra Stangl, president, and CEO of Banana Republic. “Self-expression and personal styling are central to our brand experience and now customers who share our sense of adventure can style their homes with the BR Look.”

The collection features work from artists Marina Cano and Alex Del Rio from Spain, Nathan DeHart from California, and the Azubuike Collective. Artists were selected for their work in and inspired by Africa. All pieces are exclusive to Banana Republic. The endeavor has a give-back element: Banana Republic will donate 5% of all art sales to World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Banana Republic

Learn more about the new home collection by visiting Banana Republic on the Upper Level or by calling 305-933-4722 for more information.

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