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The Renaissance of Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has always been synonymous with luxury, and the fashion house’s latest runway is no exception. The Fall/Winter 2021 women’s collection, entitled “Reminiscence of Renaissance,” ushered in fashion favorites that embody historical antiquities and age-old glamour. The pieces transport wearers to more than another place, but another time entirely.

Unveiled in the Michelangelo Gallery in the Louvre, the Louis Vuitton collection transcends time with pieces that evoke emotion and history.

Nicolas Ghesquire’s latest Louis Vuitton presentation features a collaborative capsule with Italian artistic design atelier Fornasetti. Piero Fornasetti was an eclectic artist known for his creative flair and eclecticism. The artist mastered a multitude of aesthetics in the art world, but his work is most known for his unique figure drawings of ancient statues and women that capture Renaissance-era Italy. His work made him one of the most prolific artists of the 20th century, and his atelier has chosen to continue his legacy through Louis Vuitton.

“Exploring the Fornasetti archives had the excitement of an archaeological dig. Searching for and finding drawings from the past to give them a new life for Louis Vuitton,” said Ghesquière in a press release.

Working with Fornasetti atelier, Ghesquière set out to excavate a new take on fashion. He delved into a 13,000-piece archive to reprint the artist’s imaginative world on a fresh palette—the F/W 2021 women’s collection.

Standouts from the runway included velvet dresses, tailored jackets worn over ballooning tulle and plaid skirts, lamé accents, blouson jackets, and ’60s-style shift dresses. Fornasetti’s black-and-white architectural drawings and prints were stamped on outerwear, gladiator dresses, and Louis Vuitton’s classic Cannes bag. The Fornasetti collaboration added a level of depth and heritage to an already impeccable ready-to-wear collection.

Fornasetti’s artwork was a captivating choice for the Louis Vuitton collection, and the show was equally as mesmerizing.

Ghesquire is no stranger to flashy runways. Despite an entirely new world driven by our mobile devices, he delivered a lively performance for fashion lovers around the world to stream from their phones and computers. As models walked to Daft Punk’s “Around the World,” they blended futurism with relics of the past by cutting the live feed to showcase the Louvre’s many Greek and Roman sculptures.

“Since we are all in a motionless situation, we have to double our imagination of inventing an extraordinary journey,” Ghesquière said during a Zoom preview, according to Vogue. And what a journey it was.

The collection may dive into the past, but Ghesquière’s bold exhibition is a remark on a new future. The final moment of the runway ends with a model gazing at the Winged Victory of Samothrace sculpture. This statue of the goddess Nike symbolizes the triumph of a naval victory, a telling allegory considering the year our world has overcome.

After a year of cozy sweatpants and quiet nights at home, the fashion world is teeming with inspiration and vivacity to step into a new day.

To learn more about this collection, contact or visit the Louis Vuitton store at Aventura Mall.

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