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Here Comes Hermès

There’s something magical about Fall. Perhaps it’s the start of festive holidays and home decorating, or finally feeling that first bit of fall breeze in the air. Or, better yet, maybe it’s the sight of a gorgeous luxury store opening its doors, offering a stunning autumn collection to mark the season.

And with that not-so-subtle hint, we’re thrilled to announce the newest addition to Aventura Mall: Hermès!

The new Hermès store at Aventura Mall fuses Miami Beach’s unique coastal atmosphere with the luxury fashion house’s French spirit, a renewed expression of its commitment to Southern Florida. Aventura Mall will be home to one of only four Hermès stores in the state.

The store beautifully represents the Magic City and Sunshine State with its dreamy design: Customers enter the store through an undulating glass façade, reminiscent of the waves of the sea and framed in metal in a warm shade of pink. Across the threshold, the floor echoes the shape of the façade in dense pink terrazzo that softens as one ventures further into the store.

The colorful silk collection greets customer upon arrival, with Hermès’ signature scarves floating on three rounded wooden grids. Around this partition is the leather area. Women’s silk is to the left of the store and ties to the right, after which clients will find a large shoe salon for women and men, which connects to an intimate ready-to-wear space, where shoppers can peruse the Autumn Winter 2021 Collection. Sand-colored carpets, pink cherry wood accents and leather furnishings in a palette ranging from blush to coral serve as the aesthetic path to the store’s various salons, including accessories, fashion jewelry, perfumes, beauty and collections for the home.

The watches and jewelry area stands as a central oasis, featuring paneled walls in a sparkling, textured gradient of hand-painted ocean blues and a deep blue rug. Contrasting serene neutrals make up the aesthetic of the surrounding salons, including brushed light wood and sanded oak wood paneling in the fitting and VIP rooms.

And speaking of fitting rooms, they’ll be your go-to spot for trying on the Autumn Winter collection, which was created to encourage us to renew the movement of the world. Hybrid and practical, the garments are both casual and elegant, blurring the line between formal and informal.

Graphic lines and signatures, distorted pockets, and playfully asymmetrical designs lend energy to the pieces while reduced dimensions and relaxed details bring on comfort. Shades of cumin, glycin, H red and frost blue are playfully blended with tones of liquorice, pepper and petroleum blue. The collection features several quintessential fall favorites such as padded anoraks, long jackets, coats, ponchos with integrated scarves, joggers, luxe accessories and iconic Hermès pieces, including the Birkin Bag.

With each new store, Hermès seeks to develop the conversation between local elements, its French heritage and time-tested know-how. The Grecques lights, especially designed for the house in 1925 in a Greek key pattern with molded glass globes, detail the leather, shoe, and women’s and men’s ready-to-wear areas, connecting Hermès’ most contemporary vernacular with its history.

Since 1836, Hermès has remained faithful to its artisan model and humanist values.

An independent, family-owned company, the fashion house is dedicated to keeping the majority of its production in France.

Founded in 2008, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès supports projects in the areas of artistic creation, training and the transmission of savoir-faire, biodiversity, and the preservation of the environment.

Discover Miami’s new Hermès store at Aventura Mall, located on the Lower Level. For more information, call 305-935-1110.

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