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Boost Your Health at The B-12 Store

Now more than ever, people are reflecting on their health, immunity and general wellness. At the new B-12 Store in Aventura Mall, prioritizing your well-being is made easy with its array of vitamin injections, IV drips and supplements – all of which are developed by licensed nurses and board-certified physicians.

We’ve highlighted several products and services offered by The B-12 Store that can set you on a path to feeling your best.

Vitamin Injections

B-12 injections are the centerpiece of the store’s offerings. A favorite among vegans and vegetarians, vitamin B-12 injections can help prevent or treat pernicious anemia and B-12 deficiency. It also may boost your energy, metabolism, mood and memory.

For those who prefer an inside-out approach to anti-aging, Glutathione injections are worth considering. The antioxidant-rich compound reportedly fortifies the body’s defenses and prevents damage to important cells, potentially slowing aging and memory loss.

Tired of your pre-workout powder or supplements? The Body Com Rx-Workout Injections contain a mix of beneficial amino acids, including glutamine and lysine, which may help increase physical performance and recovery from working out and day-to-day activity.

IV Drips

Looking to kick back, relax, and boost your immune system? The B-12 Store offers several enticing IV drips, like the Myers Cocktail, which is packed with magnesium, minerals, Vitamin C and B vitamins.

With biotin, Vitamin C and Glutathione, the Forever Young drip is designed to nourish and hydrate dry cells. You’ll be glowing in no time.

Struggling with a slow metabolism? The Fat Burner contains a complex mix of vitamins and amino acids that may help you burn fat while feeling re-energized.

Dietary Supplements

Perfect for enhancing your daily nutrient intake, The B-12 Store’s dietary supplements have a variety of uses and applications. Simple supplements like Omega-3, made up of essential fatty acids, can nourish your brain and nervous system to keep you functioning at your personal best.

For those looking for a comprehensive approach to reinvigoration, try the Mind & Body Balance supplement. Designed to promote better sleep, improve mood and relieve anxiety, the supplement can also help defend against depressive symptoms.

Also available is the Garcina Cambogia. Derived from tropical fruit, the supplement is used to aid in preventing fat gain and regulating appetite.

Remember to consult your healthcare provider prior to embarking on a new personal wellness journey.

The B-12 Store is located on the Upper Level near Nordstrom.

To speak with a store associate, please call (305) 491-9211.

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