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It’s A Vibe In The 305

Calling all candy enthusiasts: Just in time to kick off the fall and winter holidays, we’re saying goodbye to Miami’s summer heat – and making way for festive Miami Sweet!

Founded and created by “Candy Queen” Jackie Sorkin, Miami Sweet is a wildly imaginative, twelve room, fully-interactive experience bringing colossal candy creations to Aventura Mall. Designed as Sorkin’s love letter to Miami, visitors will take a sensory-driven trip through the Magic City’s electric energy, year-round sunshine, and “good vibes only” lifestyle. Inspired by South Florida’s melting pot of inclusive communities, Miami Sweet celebrates many different cultures with vibrant colors and flavors, spreading candy-love and igniting sweet, family fun.

Tropical music accompanying a colorful confetti dance party welcomes guests as they’re led through a candy-coated, art-filled adventure. Guests can surf the waves with candy dolphins in the ‘Life’s a Beach’ room, swing on licorice vines through the jungle in ‘Zoo Tropical,’ travel through a South Beach-Versace-themed candy pop-art gallery, and sway with samba dancers in the ‘Candy Carnival’ room. Visitors can also jump into a pineapple pit filled with thousands of plush pineapples, journey through Miami Sweet’s butterfly fantasy world, and take a piece of the experience home with them via Miami Sweet’s retail and candy shop.

We interviewed the Candy Queen herself to learn more about the inspiration behind the experience, her favorite rooms, what guests can expect, and more:

Tell us a little bit about Miami Sweet.

Miami Sweet is a love letter to Miami. We celebrate the city’s vibrant energy, diversity, year-round sunshine and “good vibes only” culture.

What was the inspiration behind the various candy sculptures and pieces?

I like to keep things random, quirky and playful – and I love pop culture. We tell a story and create a vibe in every room and environment. We like to create candy art and candy portraits that evoke pure imagination and wonder.

Why did you select Aventura Mall as the location for Miami Sweet?

Aventura Mall is a world class shopping mall and leading retail destination. I love the chic feel, energy and diversity of guests that come through these doors daily. Aventura Mall is the perfect home for Miami Sweet as it celebrates art and artists from across the globe and has embraced immersive experiences and the experiential world.

What’s your favorite part of Miami Sweet?

I love it all! It’s so hard to pick but dancing with total strangers in the Carnaval room – complete with Pineapple DJ Booth, Samba Dancers and Confetti Cannon – is pretty fantastic and feels like a festival! I also love our Zoo Tropical, where you can swing on a giant golden banana or get up close and personal with the jungle animal art sculptures.

Are there any hidden secrets or small details you encourage visitors to look out for?

You can review fun candy facts and trivia, learn about the candy we use to create our unique art and laugh at our corny dad jokes, which we crack ourselves up over when creating.

What do you hope visitors will take away from this experience?

After everything we’ve all gone through these past two years, I really hope our guests simply have some really good fun! Lose yourself, be free, smile, laugh… do all the things and take all the pictures. I hope they leave our experience with the simple reminder that life is beautiful, and nothing can steal our joy.

How has your life changed since becoming “The Candy Queen?”

My life has not changed much because I know exactly who I am and who I am not; however, the business keeps evolving and continues to grow. I don’t force anything- I simply love to work. I live to create joy, always dream big and have been afforded the great privilege of getting to do what I truly love, which is creating uniquely imaginative sweet experiences for the world to enjoy. I embrace being known as “The Candy Queen!” My kids still think I’m a total nerd; however, it’s kind of a fun alter ego and looks great on a resume. Name: Candy Queen. ‘Nuff said. Mic Drop.

Ready to experience Jackie Sorkin’s sweet installations first-hand and fulfil your fun candy fantasies? Visit Miami Sweet on the Third Level within Treats Food Hall – and don’t forget to tag @AventuraMall and @CandyKingdom for a chance to be featured on social!

For more information, call 305-935-1110.

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