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Avant Gallery: Art-Fair-Inspired Gallery At Aventura Mall

Here at Aventura Mall, we have an affinity for all things art. Along with shopping and dining, it’s is one of our three core elements, showcased via our Arts Aventura Mall collection, which features a wide range of mediums from museum-caliber pieces by renowned international icons to vibrant murals by local artists.

Since its 2007 launch in Miami Beach, Avant Gallery has become an exciting and innovative presence in the art world, committed to showcasing both established as well as early-to-mid-career contemporary artists. With locations in Miami, New York City and Dubai, it’s clearly made an impressive mark in the art world – and now, Aventura Mall guests will have the pleasure of perusing its pieces firsthand!

Paul Rousso

Located on the Lower Level next to Louis Vuitton, Avant Gallery’s new, 5,000 square-foot exhibition features custom-built booths that call to mind the atmosphere of an art fair. The diverse spectrum of booths will represent a solo exhibition for each artist, including Skyler Grey, Paul Rousso, BNS, Terry O’Neill, Josh Mayhem, Invader, LaSso, Tim Tadder, Becky Rosa, Will Kurtz, El Pez and Mauricio Avayu.

Tim Tadder

Hailing all the way from New York City, Will Kurtz’s contemporary (and, may we say, adorable) “Doggy Bags” exhibition – which is currently on display throughout Aventura Mall – features a variety of highly detailed and colorful dog sculptures, each blown up to a scale of four times their actual size and constructed with steel armature, recycled single-use plastic bags, and cellophane balloons. Each sculpture depicts the unique characteristics and personality of a different breed of dog, while the choice of materials provides commentary about the absurdity of waste and the need to recycle. It’s art that both touches the heart and opens the mind (bonus: it makes for a cheerful and eye-catching shot on social media).

Will Kurtz

Founded by Dmitry Prut, Avant Gallery’s activation will be on display at Aventura Mall through 2021 and is now offering private appointments with its staff of experienced art consultants. Collectors worldwide may also participate in appointments telephysically via Avant Gallery’s “Avantar,” an employed avatar robotic system that enables them to experience the exhibition from the comfort of their own home.

Scroll down for a sneak peek at some of our favorite pieces in the Avant Gallery collection – then stop by or schedule a tour to see the Gallery in its entirety!

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