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Aventura Mall Expands Public Art Collection with Takeaway by Tom Friedman

Aventura Mall’s profound arts and culture collection displays enticing works for public consumption, contributing to Miami’s innovative art scene. The most recent addition to the assemblage is Takeaway by Tom Friedman. The 165-inch high by 60½-inch by 20½-inch stainless steel sculpture was crafted with crushed aluminum foil roasting pans, tin foil take-out containers and pie pans.

This compelling piece rests in equilibrium, symbolizing the notion to keep everything in balance amidst constant motion. Takeaway is inspired by Alberto Giacommetti’s early 1960s walking figures who “have the appearance of motion, but within static three-dimensional form.”

Takeaway is a modern-day Hermes: the swift messenger and divine trickster. This captivating statue prompts onlookers to “take away” their individual meaning from the piece. The purpose of Takeaway is to facilitate widespread communication of ideas through public art. According to Friedman, “public outdoor art is to bring wonder, joy and present moment mindfulness to the audience.”

A previous adaptation of Takeaway lives at the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The piece was installed in 2019 as the first of three illustrations (the third example will be installed permanently next year at the subway stop of the University of Illinois Chicago).

Born in 1965 in St. Louis, Mo., Tom Friedman has dedicated his existence to creating remarkable works exploring the ideas of perception, logic and possibility. His sophisticated technique tampers with illusion and reality, provoking spectators to interpret the piece in an unorthodox and imaginative manner.

The renowned artist’s work has been internationally exhibited in galleries and museums in New York, Italy, Sweden, England, Israel and many other destinations.


Takeaway enhances Aventura Mall’s Outdoor Courtyard space, which boasts an assortment of immersive sculptures and chef-driven restaurants for guests to enjoy. For more information visit

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