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Five Sensational Items from The Bazaar Project to Turn a House into a Home

Bazaar Project Aventura Mall

At the newly opened Bazaar Project in Aventura Mall, every single product is carefully sourced by Yeliz Titiz, its cosmopolitan and uber well-traveled owner whose keen eye for unique décor pieces, fine jewelry, and apparel bars none. At Titiz’ new Aventura Mall boutique, that joins two other in Miami, the offerings include whimsical curations, some available only at the center. This global atelier reflects Titiz’ own proclivity for fusion of many influences and styles (she does come from a family of retail giants and has worked in fashion before embarking on this enterprise.) During your visit at Bazaar Project, you may find yourself equally amused by a collection of Slim Aarons books, quirky hair accessories, and cheeky home décor items.

Titiz’ passion for the curatorial pursuits has brought her around the world in search for the perfectly unique and unusual statement pieces, be it for your living room of your jewelry box. Some of her recent merchandising scores include Sebastian Cruz Couture pocket square, Seletti Italy, Shiraleah clutch Bags, Shiraleah home, Square foot kilims and Dhurries, Sura Jewelry, and Wicked candles. Titiz’ mission is driven not only by the necessity to provide something different to her loyal fanbase. She is deeply proud to provide a platform to many worldwide artists and artisans who look for just for this kind of exposure. Here are some of the décor stand outs Titiz believes would look fabulous in any room.

Bazaar Project


Boucle Arm Chair

Bouclé furniture is making a comeback, and we are SO here for it. If you're not familiar, bouclé (from the French word boucler for "to curl") is a heavy, durable fabric made from looped yarn that gives it a soft, nubby texture. This rosy color would work in any interior style.

Marco Oggian Vase

Marco Oggian Vase characterized by animal, human or plant shaped figures and primary, vivid colors is a fabulous figurative landscape which best represents the designer’s fictional vision. This piece will turn heads just by placing it on any house table or shelf.

Otto Lenghi Plates

Ottolenghi Plates are designed by the great chef’s friend Ivo Bisignano and are produced by world renowned design label Serax. These playful pieces are distinguished by two main motifs – abstract vegetable shapes and forms of an impulsive O-shaped brushstroke that stand for Ottolenghi’s name.

Wonder Sky Lamp

The Wonder Cloud Table Lamp, designed by Uto Balmoral for Seletti, depicts a classic warrior making a chewing gum bubble. This quirky and clever table lamp is a fun, decorative and practical table light which is equally at home as a quirky talking point on a work desk or as an ironic addition to any style of table.

Fallen Chandelier

Fallen Chandelier Qeeboo is a wireless rechargeable lamp suitable for indoor and outdoor. Designed by Studio Job it’s influenced by 19th century Thonet classic curves, this chandelier travels through time in style and elegance. Comes also in black.

To check out these whimsical pieces for yourself, visit The Bazaar Project on the Lower Level near Bloomingdale’s.

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