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Your Vote Is Your Voice #ItMatters

Early voting is now running through November 1, and the 2020 official election day is fast approaching! If you don’t have a chance to vote early, make sure you are at the polls on November 3. You have the chance to make your voice heard and engage in one of, if not the most, powerful forms of civic expression.

Aventura Mall encourages everyone to make educated decisions this election season. As part of our Your Vote Is Your Voice #ItMatters campaign, we have compiled a list of resources to help you stay informed and engaged as you prepare to vote.

From polling location lists to candidate-matching quizzes and sample ballots, here are some helpful sites and tools to check out before you hit the polls.

Eager to cast your ballot but not sure where to start? is an excellent, one-stop resource to obtain information on all your basic voting needs, from checking the status of your registration to locating your nearest polling place or ballot drop box.

Additional site features include a state-by-state breakdown of voting rules and deadlines to keep in mind. For example, did you know Florida’s deadline to request an absentee ballot is Saturday, October 24th? The site keeps information like this easily accessible and to the point, so you can focus on the most important part – your vote!

Launched by the League of Women Voters Education Fund, Vote 411 provides all necessary voting deadlines and information by state, with an added bonus!

Site visitors can use the “What is on my ballot?” tool to research and learn more about different candidates and issues on the ballot. From specific pieces of legislation to local government seats, Vote 411 makes it easy to approach your ballot with confidence and knowledge.



Deciding your position on an issue or candidate can sometimes be difficult, which is where comes into play—literally. Through fun and interactive quizzes and polls, the independent and self-funded site helps people discover and clarify their political stances.

The site also allows users to search specific social issues and learn more about their histories, as well as what different candidates have to say about each one.

Already filled out your ballot but still itching to get involved, even from home? Not a problem! Feed the Polls is a charitable campaign geared toward providing healthy meals to people waiting in line at polling locations on election day (November 3). Their goal is to distribute 50,000 meals to voters while raising awareness of food insecurity in the United States.

Even Lady Gaga is getting involved – check out this video of her sharing some helpful voting day tips.

Aventura Mall believes your voice matters, and we salute all who are making themselves heard this election season.

Interested in voting in style? Check out our story highlighting some of our retailers’ voting initiatives and products.

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