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Spooktacular Makeup Trends To Try This Halloween

It’s no secret that we love beauty trends, from the fleeting to the classic. However, when it comes to the holidays – and Halloween in particular – our adoration for the art of makeup truly peaks. Perhaps our beauty influencers are to thank for this excitement, as their tutorials and posts always deliver some serious #spookyseason inspiration. Every year, we find ourselves planning our Halloween makeup masterpieces well in advance, dreaming of the moment when we can finally spook and surprise friends and family with our full looks.

Whether you prefer to go dark and daring, pretty and playful, or sultry and sophisticated, there are plenty of Halloween makeup looks to fulfill your whimsical fantasies, haunted wishes and Hollywood dreams.

Here are some of our favorite Halloween beauty and makeup trends for 2020:

Creepy Cool

Gone are the awkward adolescent years of messy horror makeup. With today’s abundant selection of beauty brands, it’s possible to achieve a cool and polished “spooky szn” look straight off a film set. We know our favorite beauty influencers will be sharing their Halloween makeup tutorials in the weeks to follow – but, in the meantime, stock up on sleek eyeliners and bold colors to transform into your favorite scary characters.

Animal Instincts

Feline faces are always a “Do” on Halloween, and now, they’ll carry more relevance than ever thanks to the rise of Tiger King. To create a mischievous and wildly cute look, draw stripes, spots and striking “cat eyes” with eyeliner and reach for smoky black, brown and warm nude shades.

Garden Goddess

Straight from the runways, the ethereal, garden fairy look is stunning and surprisingly simple to pull off. Whether you attach butterfly and floral adhesives or dare to draw them on your own, the key here is to keep your base (AKA your skin) natural and dewy. You’ll feel like you’re about to star in a whimsical modeling shoot.

Pop Art

2020’s top trends have revolved around throwbacks, and when it comes to Halloween makeup, nostalgic comic strip and cartoon art is “popping” up everywhere. You’ll need a variety of bright colors – and some patience! – to achieve this cool and trippy look that will truly make heads turn.

Euphoria-Worthy Sparkle

Aside from Zendaya’s Emmy Winning performance, the iconic, starry makeup looks modeled by Euphoria’s Maddy Perez are as much of a trend this year as they were the last. You’ll need a highly pigmented eye shadow, bold mascara, glitter and sparkle in your arsenal to achieve her bold, all-about-the-eyes look. Bonus: they work for general astrology-inspired costumes, too.

Villainous Vixen

We love a classic witch or vampire on Halloween. They’re eternally sultry, sassy and fun costumes that come to our rescue when we wait until the last minute to dress up. Eyeshadows and lipsticks in deep reds, purples and blacks are all you need to become the villains we love to fear. Pro tip: create vampire veins under your eyes with a charcoal eyeliner.

Green and Gold

There’s something striking and edgy about this color combo. Aside from being a perfect fall duo, glowing gold and shimmery green are an ideal makeup mix for some of the most timeless Halloween costumes, from Medusa to Poison Ivy.

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