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My Greatest Influence

Here at Aventura Mall, we admire our South Florida influencer friends not only for their impeccable taste, but for their big hearts. It got us thinking: these women of influence must have some pretty strong influences of their own.

From being raised by their mothers and grandmothers, to becoming first-time moms during unprecedented times, they’ve beautifully put into words the impact these special family members have on them.

Here are some of the most influential figures in the lives of Carol Scaff, Olivia Rodriguez, and Daniella Duque:

Carol Scaff, @CarolScaff

(and her mother, @HelenaScaff)

She is pure strength, determination, and magic.

She is my greatest source of daily inspiration, the perfect blend of sweetness and strength, and I would love to be for my daughter, at least a little bit of what she has always been for me.

My biggest supporter, my biggest fan, my shoulder at all hours, the happiest smile for my victories, and the person I most want to cheer up and bring good news to.

My mother, my safe haven.


“My life and style have been greatly influenced by the strong women who helped raised me: my grandmother and mom. When my grandmother first came to the U.S. from Cuba, she started designing and sewing garments by hand to sell and help make ends meet. It went from creating pieces for other people to making things she loved for herself. Naturally, that led her to make dresses and pieces for my mom, who grew up fascinated with the fashion industry. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because here I am, a fashion blogger! I get to honor a passion that has been weaved into my family for years.”


“Becoming a mother during 2020, such a difficult time, has been the hardest yet most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.”

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