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Let’s Explore Stranger Things: The Store

Discover the immersive store’s most Instagrammable spots and coveted merchandise

Stranger Things: The Store at aventura mall

Calling all “Strangers” and nostalgic “nerds!” Stranger Things: The Store is now open at Aventura Mall, allowing fans to teleport to the 1980s and experience the “never ending” stories – and horrors – of Hawkins firsthand.

Open through January, the immersive store is free to the public and features a variety of sets representing the show’s most iconic scenes and spaces, as well as exclusive merchandise and character-inspired styles.

With so much to see and shop, we created a guide to the most Instagrammable spots in the store, highlighting unique merchandise and details that truly bring the Stranger Things universe to life.

Here’s your itinerary (or, should we say, coordinates?) for Stranger Things: The Store.

The Byers’ Home

The space that started it all. Enter the Byers’ living room, snap a photo in front of Joyce’s illuminated alphabet wall, and answer her yellow phone, if you dare.

This realistic room is picture-perfect and curated to include every detail. As just one example, the coffee table is scattered with Dungeons & Dragons pawns, puzzle pieces, crayons and other bits alluding to Will’s experience and noteworthy moments from the show.

Visitors can shop a variety of 80s inspired gadgets, including Rubik’s Cubes, Magic 8 Balls and records featuring music from the show, as well as General Mills Stranger Things Cereal, packaged in original boxes from the 80’s but set in the world of Stranger Things (some even feature a Missing Person alert for our beloved Barb).

Who knows, you might even hear Jonathan and Will’s favorite song, “Should I Stay, or Should I Go?’ playing over the speakers.

The Byers’ Home strangers things store at aventura mall

The Palace Arcade

The Palace Arcade is the party’s favorite hangout spot, and now it can be yours, too! This interactive space is filled with tons of nerd-worthy games and epic “prizes”. The Palace Arcade brings a nostalgic feel to shoppers with its neon lighting, posters and 80s inspired carpeting.

Play a variety of classic arcade games and browse limited-edition merchandise including retro raglan t-shirts, bomber jackets, hats, mini handheld games, and more.

The Palace Arcade - strangers things store at aventura mall

Starcourt Mall

Whether you’re a fan of Scoops Ahoy, Surfer Boy Pizza or Rink-O-Mania, the Starcourt Mall section has it all. Throughout the series, the mall is an action-packed destination, and it’s no different in-store.

Here, you’ll find pieces inspired by your favorite characters’ go-to places and iconic outfits, from Eleven’s shopping spree look and Steve’s Scoops Ahoy hat to Argyle’s Surfer Boy Pizza shirt and shiny, ultra-80s pieces fit for a roll around the rink. You can even purchase Rink-O-Mania drink cups … as long as you promise not to splash them in anyone’s face. El would not approve.

Better yet, Starcourt Mall gets its own namesake merch, too. In addition to Starcourt Mall tanks and tote bags, the store offers retro candies, figurines and small trinkets, as well as classic Stranger Things tees and sweatshirts.

Starcourt Mall - strangers things store at aventura mall

Hawkins High

The town of Hawkins just isn’t complete without an ode to the high school. Also located within the Starcourt Mall section of the store, here you’ll find a variety of merchandise from the school’s athletic department, including varsity jackets (a major trend right now), basketball jerseys, cheerleading uniforms, windbreakers, bumper stickers and even school pride pieces for babies and pets.

The Hawkins High display also features nostalgic lockers, trophy cases and stacks of Eggo’s, all which make for rad photo ops.

Hawkins High - strangers things store at aventura mall

Welcome to Hawkins

Entering Hawkins? You better pedal fast, watch your back, and take a picture for proof. This backdrop within the Starcourt Mall section of the store invites fans to hop on one of two stationary bicycles and pose as though they’re entering or escaping the Upside Down. Just beware – there’s something watching in the background…

Stranger Things: The Store at aventura mall

Hellfire Club | The Lab

Of course, we can’t forget about fan-favorite – and season 4 hero – Eddie Munson! Filled with Hellfire Club merch, including t-shirts, beanies, caps and accessories, this section honors our favorite Metallica-playing, nerd-leading icon. Here, you can also take photos in front of the machine and, if you’re brave enough, walk a few steps ahead to come face-to-face with a Demogorgon emerging from the walls.

Let’s Explore Stranger Things: The Store at aventura mall

Embark on a journey like no other at Stranger Things: The Store, located on the Lower Level by Bloomingdale’s. Walk-ups are welcome but appointments are encouraged (both are free). Visiting times can be reserved at

For more information, call 305-935-1110.

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