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Culture. Style. Taste.

Inspired Lodging

Aiming to please traveling art aficionados, hotels around the world often exhibit an artistic approach to hospitality. Many showcase snazzy interiors, others exhibit stunning sculptures, and some even double as art museums! Combing culture with comfort, these art hotels invite guests to mingle with masterpieces by some of the world’s most well-known artists. The art on display in these unique institutions is collected and curated with specific styles and movements in mind. So, whether you prefer centuries-old decorative art or more modern masterworks, these five awe-inspiring hotels are sure to have artistic amenities for everyone.



Located in the heart of Tokyo, the Palace Hotel takes the ‘art hotel’ concept to new heights. In addition to offering weekly origami classes to guests, the hotel holds a diverse collection of Japanese art. “The eclectic mix runs the gamut,” the hotel’s website states, “from a traditional ink wash painting that once hung in the original Palace Hotel to colorful abstracts by a Shanghainese artist, from indigenous rock sculptures to pencil sketches and contemporary laser-cut paper art.”


Zurich’s Dolder Grand perfectly pairs luxury with a love of art history. At nearly 100 years old, the hotel houses an impressive collection of art that includes work by Pop Art pioneer Andy Warhol, surrealist Salvador Dalí, multi-media master Damien Hirst, and other well-known modern and contemporary artists. In addition to its art, the hotel is admired for its cottage-inspired façade and avant-garde interiors.



Described as a “true sanctuary among luxury beach hotels in Barcelona,” the Hotel Arts is celebrated for both its art-adorned walls and its recognizable architecture. Like many modern museums, the experimental exterior of the blue-glass-and-exposed-steel building perfectly matches the contemporary Spanish art that it houses, capturing the creative spirit of contemporary Catalonia.



Nestled in St-Paul-de-Vence—a culturally-rich commune in southeastern France—La Colombe d’Or is a hotel with a captivating history. Founded in the 1920s, the cafe-turned-inn attracted a range of artists in the 20th century. Now, the hotel and its celebrated restaurant continue to attract creatives with a collection of work by modern masters from Picasso and Matisse to Miro and Calder.



Located in the bustling Big Apple, Chambers Hotel exhibits an extensive contemporary art collection. Described as “more than just a display of pretty pictures,” the 500-piece collection lines the walls of the hotel’s lobby, library, rooms, and hallways. Additionally, each floor features its own site-specific installation by well-known artists like John Waters and Sheila Pepe.

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