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Hope & Henry Debuts at Aventura Mall

As you approach the new Hope & Henry store at Aventura Mall, you can’t help but be drawn in by the classic, yet eye-catching children’s clothing in the window. The array of charming dresses, tops, bottoms, rompers and shoes will entice shoppers in to explore the beautiful boutique, which is comprised of items that are surprisingly affordable, considering their high quality and organic cotton make-up.

Hope & Henry’s founders, Matt and Marina McCauley, were happily retired from the apparel business when they felt a desire to revisit the market and make a difference in the fashion industry by creating a mission-oriented brand with factory workers and the environment at the core. With this vision, the concept for Hope & Henry was born. Together, the McCauley’s created a unique business model that shares profits with factory workers, maximizes the use of organic cotton and recycled fibers (the brand is Global Organic Textile certified) and helps the landfill issue by offering affordable, high-quality and classic pieces that can be passed down for generations.

The couple first introduced their ultra-soft organic cotton products via Amazon and quickly learned their pieces carried a wide demographic appeal, gaining Amazon’s admiration along the way. Soon after, Matt and Marina created their own website and then launched a successful, New York-based pop-up store. Eventually, Amazon’s admiration evolved into support and to celebrate Hope & Henry’s first brick and mortar store opening here at the best mall in Miami, Amazon connected Matt and Marina with furniture companies and provided tablets, which are available for children to enjoy in-store.

The new Hope & Henry store is as thoughtfully designed as it is appealing. In addition to housing the brand’s beautiful merchandise – which encompasses clothing and accessories for babies, toddlers, children and adults – it boasts a welcoming lounge area for kids and adults to relax in while others in their party peruse. Parents will also appreciate the spaciousness of the fitting room and walkways throughout the store, which were designed with stroller-touting shoppers in mind.

Giving back is at the heart of the brand’s name. “Hope” stands for its mission: to create positive changes in the fashion industry and in the lives of those at the sewing machines. “Henry” was adorably contributed by the couple’s son to honor their one-eyed rooster, who is represented in the brand’s logo.

Although Hope & Henry is currently considered a start-up, Matt and Marina never think twice when it comes to giving back. The two have hand-delivered bonuses to several of the women sewing their pieces in the factories they work with. Ultimately, they want to offer profit sharing to all of the hard workers behind the scenes, saying, “we genuinely believe they’re part of our success and making this all possible. The bigger we get, the more factories we’ll be able to give back to. Our goal is to be successful enough that we can create a significant, meaningful impact.”

Hope & Henry is now open in the upper level next to Abercrombie. For more information, call 786-320-5494.

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